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The made in the USA O3Elite Single Stage Ozone Generator is ideal for most applications of ozone therapy and comes with a lifetime warranty, top notch support and quiet production of ultra pure ozone. 

The O3Elite Single can cover all ozone applications up to 70 ug/ml in strength.  Here are some of the most important features:

  • Universal voltage:  Usable around the world without the additional costs of step-down transformers.
  • Quiet, efficient single ozone cell:  Creates ultra pure ozone without the high levels of noise other machines can create.
  • Single ceramic ozone cell:  As ultra pure and ozone resistant as glass without the possible burnout. Custom made in the USA.
  • Simple Luer lock connections for secure tubing attachment without slips.
  • Cold production and low voltage:  No heat to degrade ozone output, using very low voltage and cold corona technology.
  • Adjustable O3 output:  A single control allows for easy adjustments of ozone levels.
  • CE Approved
  • Made in the USA:  Every part if made in the United States and each unit is checked thoroughly by hand by us prior to shipment.
  • Lifetime warranty and premier support:  Have questions?  Just call or email us for answers.
  • Low EMF output
  • Contact us about potential customizations.
  • O3Elite Single Gamma Chart

The O3Elite was created after working with ozone generators for many years.  The purpose:  to create an ozone unit that could provide ultra pure ozone, was easy to use with superior quality control and had a number of special features.  The end result was two models:  The O3Elite Dual Stage and this, the O3Elite Single Stage.  (Both are available in Professional configurations with a crush-resistant case, oxygen tank and oxygen regulator)

The O3Elite Single is among the new generation of low wattage, low frequency O3 generators.  While some glass cell, high voltage units can be dangerous and may burn out, the O3Elite will never burn out, operates cool so ozone is not destroyed by heat and is very quiet and efficient, which helps produce stable ozone levels. (You might be interested in this article: Glass vs. Ceramic: What's Best for Ozone Generators?) The O3Elite comes with universal voltage, Luer locks, a cleanable cell, wall mounts and much more.

Every component is manufactured in the USA, including the cell.  Because it operates at only 1.5 amps, operation is safer and UL and ETL approval are not necessary.  As a matter of fact, the O3Elite is the safest ozone unit available.

Each unit is tested for efficiency and ozone output in our lab prior to shipping.

Stable flow rates and cold ozone production

The O3Elite Single Stage Ozonator can be run with an oxygen tank or an oxygen concentrator (sold separately).  It uses cold ozone production with no excess heat, producing stable ozone levels at a variety of oxygen flow rates.  Concentration does not diminish over time.  By using the simple dial and the flow rates available from your chosen oxygen source, you can achieve almost any output you desire up to 70 ug/ml.  We include an easy chart that shows the combinations you need to get the exact gamma rate you want. 

Cold ozone technology creates more efficient, stronger ozone production with minimal voltage.  The cell is so efficient it produces almost no noise at all.  Glass cell machines can create a lot of heat and noise, making them less than ideal for ozone therapy applications.

What comes with the O3Elite Single Ozone Generator

All of this comes standard with the unit:  five feet of oxygen tubing with Luer lock adapter, five feet of silicone tubing with Luer lock adapter, instruction manual, gamma chart, check valve, power adapter, wall mounts, Luer lock caps and a lifetime warranty.  A vast array of accessories is available to increase your options.

Which one is for me?

The O3Elite Single has an adjustable dial and creates ozone up to 70 ug/ml, while the O3Elite Dual has two ozone cells and adjustable dials to create ozone up to 110 ug/ml. The Mini has one button operation and produces ozone up to 65ug/ml. The Mini and the Single are ideal for most ozone applications. If you want more variability in output, consider the Single. If you plan to do ozone saunas or want to ozonate oil and water more quickly, you'll want to look at the Dual. For a complete guide, have a look at our Ozone Generator Comparison.

Features in Brief

  • Cold corona ozone production
  • Thick aluminum body, painted
  • Single ceramic ozone cell, full adjustment with one dial, custom made in the USA
  • Stainless steel fittings, Luer lock
  • Universal voltage:  100-240 volts.  Just select the right country plug, no need for a step down transformer
  • Very quiet operation
  • CE approved
  • Check valve keeps water from entering unit
  • Wall mount holes included:  hang it where you want it or set it on any flat surface
  • Easy to maintain


  • Input:  50/60 Hz, 100-240 volts, 1.5 amps
  • VDC universal power
  • 12 VDC voltage
  • Requires oxygen feed
  • O3 output up to 70 ug/ml (gamma)
  • 5/16" outer tube size, 3/15" inner tube size
  • 10" x 7.5" x 3"
  • All components are ozone resistant
  • One switch to control single cell

Oxygen Sources

In order to create quality ozone, you need a high purity oxygen source. To choose the right oxygen source for you, visit our Oxygen page. You'll see the types of oxygen available and how they can be used. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.

Return Policy: 30 day return policy with a 15% restock fee. Must be in sellable condition (click here for info). Special order modifications of the O3Elite are not refundable or returnable.

Comes with our Basics of Setting Up Ozone Equipment on a USB flash drive. Can be used with most computers and any TV with a USB port that can play mp4 videos.
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  • Very happy

    Posted by Merlin on Jan 10th 2019

    We shopped several companies and took about a month before deciding on going with O3 Elite single. It fell in the 'medium' price range and had the flexibility we were looking for. Also I was impressed with the other range of products that this company had to offer. It is being used as a RI device and that was part of the delay in ordering, but it is so easy to do. For anyone hesitating due to the rectal part, honestly it's no more difficult than putting a straw in your mouth with pursed lips. The whole process takes no more than 10-15 minutes including clean up.

  • Great little machine!

    Posted by STEPHEN CROOK on Jul 17th 2018

    It's easy to use and works very well. Excellent! Very helpful customer service too, thank you!

  • road ozone

    Posted by jim on Dec 27th 2017

    I all ready have an ozone generator but its fixed with a large O2 tank in its in my office.
    I picked up this one to be a little little more mobel and its worked out great
    Just got back from the Christmas gatherings and worked on 11 fokes with great success.
    Glad I got it

  • Great product

    Posted by Anja on Dec 1st 2017

    Great little generator, does everything I need it for and much more. Customer service is excellent!!

  • It Lights me up

    Posted by Richard on Nov 27th 2017

    Seriously...I have over thirty years of lifestyle adjustments from raw vegan lifestyle, herbs, supplements, PEMF, EWOT....Ozone insufalation is a game changer...I sleep better, think better, breathe slower and deeper. Ever since I had Ozone injected into damaged runners knee, I am a firm believer in this miracle. The staff and support is beyond compare. they seem to not only be experienced but love to share...Give them a call

  • Excellent

    Posted by Jim on Oct 5th 2015

    Products are of excellent quality. Customer service was excellent.

  • Thanks again!

    Posted by Riley on Aug 14th 2015

    Everything has performed perfectly, and has exceeded my expectations. Thank you!!! I ordered extra brochures to pass to my friends. They couldn't believe the almost immediate results. I'll be back for more. Thanks again!!!

  • Very happy

    Posted by Ron on Aug 14th 2015

    Thank you so very much for your specific attention to my order and catching order mistakes I made. I was very happy.

  • Seems to work quite well

    Posted by Gerry on Aug 14th 2015

    I'm not deeply experienced yet, but it seems to work quite well. The absolute best thing about the whole experience so far is the help I have received when calling in with questions. Although the problem was mine, they treated it as if they were responsible and kept at it until we all figured it out, with great good spirits and general kindness. That mattered a lot to me!