Oxygen Tanks & Regulators

Oxygen Tanks

Oxygen Regulators

Oxygen tanks are an ideal way to provide ultra pure oxygen for ozone therapy.

Ozone production requires a high quality oxygen source and tanks are a great option. Here you can choose between prefilled oxygen tanks (contiguous USA only), medical tanks and regulators, or industrial tanks and regulators. We have regulators that will work with tanks around the world. Under the international regulator section below you can find your country to determine which regulator will work for you.

Option One: Prefilled Oxygen Tanks

O2Ready tanks contain 99.9% pure oxygen and come filled, shipped to your door. This is ideal for those who can’t get a prescription, don’t have a local industrial supplier, or simply want to convenience of having oxygen shipped to your home. These tanks are only available to the contiguous USA due to shipping restrictions.

Option Two: Medical Oxygen Tanks

870 Medical Tanks and regulators provide 99% pure oxygen. These come unfilled. You will need to get a prescription from your doctor. With prescription in hand, ask your supplier if they will provide the tank for you. If they do, all you’ll need from us is a low flow 870 regulator. If they don’t provide a tank but will fill an existing tank, you can get an 870 tank from us.

Oxygen Tanks

Option Three: Industrial Oxygen Tanks

With this option, you will need to find a local supplier of welding or industrial oxygen. Check around your area before deciding if this is the option for you. Some industrial sources will not fill tanks if you mention you will use it for ozone therapy. If you find a local supplier, ask if they will require you to buy a tank from them. If they provide the tank, all you’ll need is a low flow 540 regulator. If they either don’t provide tanks or will fill an existing tank, you can get a 540 tank from us if it is more affordable than what they offer.

International Industrial Regulators

There are a variety of tanks available outside of the USA. We provide low flow regulators to match most of those tanks. Verify the style of tank you have (preferred) or check your country below to find out which regulator is right for you. 

North America
Canada (540)
Mexico (540)
United States (540)


European Countries
Austria (Euro #1)
Balkan States (Euro #2)
Belgium (AFNOR F)
Bulgaria (Euro #1)
Czech Republic (Euro #2)
Croatia (Euro #2)
Cyprus (Euro #2)
Denmark (Euro #2)
Finland (Euro #2)
France (AFNOR F)
Germany (Euro #1)
Greece (Euro #2 or AFNOR F)
Hungary (Euro #2)
Iceland (Euro #2)
Ireland (Bullnose)
Italy (Euro #2)
Liechtenstein (Euro #2)
Luxembourg (Euro #2)
Malta (Bullnose)
Netherlands, with some exceptions (Bullnose)
Norway (Euro #2)
Poland (Euro #1 or Euro #2, verify your tank)
Portugal (AFNOR F)
Spain (AFNOR F)
Sweden (Euro #2)
Switzerland (Euro #1)
Turkey (Euro #2)
United Kingdom (Bullnose)


South American Countries
Argentina (Euro #2)
Bolivia (540)
Brazil (Euro #2)
Chile (Euro #2)
Costa Rica (540)
Ecuador (540)
Guatamala (540)
Paraguay (Euro #2)
Peru (Euro #2 or 540)
Uruguay (Euro #2)
Venezuela (540)

Asian Countries
China (Euro #1)
Hong Kong (Bullnose)
India (Bullnose)
Indonesia (Bullnose)
Japan (540)
Korea (540)
Malaysia (Bullnose)
Maldives (Bullnose)
Phillipines (540)
Singapore, large bottles (Bullnose)
Thailand, with some exceptions (Bullnose or 540)
Vietnam (Bullnose)
Taiwan (540)


Middle Eastern Countries
Iraq (Bullnose)
Israel (Euro #1)
Jordan (Bullnose)
Kuwait (Bullnose)
Lebanon (AFNOR F)
Pakistan (Bullnose)
Saudi Arabia (Bullnose)
Syria (AFNOR F)
United Arab Emirates (Bullnose)
Yemen (Bullnose)


African Countries
Angola (AFNOR F)
Egypt (Bullnose)
Liberia (Bullnose)
Libya (Bullnose)
Morocco (AFNOR F)
Mozambique (AFNOR F)
Nigeria (Bullnose)
South Africa, larger bottles (Bullnose)
Tunisia (AFNOR F)


Australia (Bullnose)
New Zealand (Bullnose)
Fiji (Bullnose)
Papua New Guinea (Bullnose)
Most Pacific Islands with British influence (Bullnose)

Other Oxygen Options

If a tank is not an ideal solution for you because you don’t want to get or buy refills or you need continuous oxygen use for ozonating oils, taking ozone steam saunas or other high ozone applications, you might want to look into an oxygen concentrator.