Whether you want oxygen for ozone therapy, oxygen facials, or Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT), we can help you find the right source for your needs.

There are numerous uses for oxygen and we have options for all of them. You may need oxygen for Exercise With Oxygen Therapy, ozone therapy, beauty applications, or combination modalities. The first question to ask is, how will I use this oxygen?


[You can also check out our Oxygen Guide for quick comparisons and further information.]

Ozone Therapy

A high quality oxygen source is required for an ozone generator. Ozone needs low oxygen flows in order to provide high ozone output, so you’ll want an oxygen concentrator or an oxygen tank that is capable of creating these low flows.


If you have a local source for oxygen (like a welding shop) or have a prescription, you can get the purest oxygen using an oxygen tank. Our tanks are sold with or without a low flow oxygen regulator. If you still want a tank but don't want to deal with refills, you can consider O2Ready Oxygen Tanks. If you don’t have a local source for tanks but still want oxygen with purity levels of 93-96%, an oxygen concentrator can work anywhere without refills. High output oxygen concentrators can be used for beauty and exercise, and when combined with a low flow oxygen meter, they can also work for ozone therapy. 

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

EWOT requires higher oxygen flows, so you’ll want a high flow concentrator like the Platinum 10, EverFlo, AirSep Intensity or the Millennium 10 Oxygen Concentrators. You can view them all here.


If you’re interested in oxygen facials and oxygen bars, we recommend the Platinum 10 Oxygen Concentrator. Air brushes, masks and tubing are available for both (see Oxygen Accessories). You will want a high flow concentrator.

Multiple Applications

If you want to do beauty and/or EWOT as well as ozone therapy, you can. You’ll want to have a high flow oxygen concentrator and the Promolife Low Flow Oxygen Meter. This handy unit allows you to turn any high flow concentrator into a low flow model for ozone without installing new equipment or making permanent changes to your concentrator.


If you already have an oxygen source and need accessories, we carry tubing, cannulas, masks and more. Check out our Oxygen Accessories page.