Detoxification Machines

  • BioCleanse Ionic Detox Foot Bath BioCleanse Ionic Detox Foot Bath

    BioCleanse Ionic Detox Foot Bath

    The BioCleanse Ionic Detox Foot Bath can be used in homes, spas and clinics for detoxification routines. BioCleanse Ionic Foot Baths have been used for many years by many people as part of their detoxification routine. Some of the reported...
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  • BBS Disposable Liners

    BBS Disposable Liners

    NOTE: There is a two-three week lead time on all Revive products. Disposable liners for your Renovati, BioCleanse or any ionic foot cleanse unit foot bath tubs. Promolife offers a simple...
    $39.95 - $295.00
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  • BBS Foot Tub and 20 Disposable Liners

    BBS Foot Tub and 20 Disposable Liners

    NOTE: There is a two-three week lead time on all Revive products. Foot tubs and liners for Renovati,  Bio Cleanse or any ionic foot bath gives you greater hygiene during use.  Promolife offers...
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  • BioCleanse Foot Bath Module BioCleanse Foot Bath Module

    BioCleanse Foot Bath Module

    Our new modules are made specifically with BioCleanse foot baths in mind. This module is designed for your BioCleanse Ionic Foot Bath. It offers another choice for replacement modules for BioCleanse...
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We carry the popular BioCleanse Ionic Detox Foot Baths, modules, and all the accessories you need to perform Ionic Detox Foot Bath Treatments.

Ionic Detox Foot Baths are designed to aid in body detoxification.  Toxins that build up in the body can lead to a wide range of health problems, so eliminating them is very important.  A foot bath is a safe add-on to your detoxification routine.  Each of the units on this page are meticulously made in the USA using UL approved components and parts to ensure high quality.


Each ionic foot cleanse unit we offer have a professional engineered circuit board that ensures you are using a safe and effective unit that will last many, many years. All Renovati Revive module arrays units use high quality carbon steel. The BioCleanse modules use 316 stainless steel.  Keep reading to see how they work, or see a quick comparison.


How does an ionic foot bath work?

BioCleanse ionic foot baths create a safe bio-charge in the water that is compatible with living matter.  This bio-charge can help rebalance your energy meridians and realign your energy field.  This rebalancing can aid in a number of increased and beneficial body functions.


The action causes an initial toxin and nucleic waste purge from your cells and surrounding membranes.  After that, a re-correction of abnormal deterioration caused by illnesses, injuries or viruses occurs.

made in the USA

We do NOT sell foot baths from China. We take great pride in the Ionic foot cleanse machines we offer.

Water and your body

Your body is 70% water, which is why water is such a perfect medium for wellness.  A near perfect balance of negative and positive ions exists in water and when your feet are immersed, the vibrational frequency of the water will work with the frequency of your body thanks to the interactions of the electrical and magnetic fields.  There are no nasty side effects and no drugs.


An Ionic Detox Foot Bath Session

Positive and negative ions are emitted by the ionic foot bath machine, which help re-energize your body and blood cells.  This helps the body rebalance which in turn helps eliminate more toxins via your kidneys, bowel, liver and skin during and after your session.  Detoxification can continue for 24 to 48 hours after a foot bath.  An ionic foot bath session only takes 20-40 minutes for adults and is completely sage.  However it is not a recommended therapy for pregnant women or anyone with an organ transplant, pacemaker or epilepsy.


Studies have shown that an ionic foot bath provides an overall effect of balancing in the body as well as an increase in negative ions, which are beneficial.  The technique of using the feet for cleansing helps provide a full body purge of your vital organs which can result in reduced cramps, sexual health problems, menopause symptoms and skin problems as well as acne, restlessness, stress, wrinkles, aches, yeast infections and more.  An internal cleansing can assist in faster injury recovery and disease healing.

NOTE: Ionic Foot Baths sold by Promolife are experimental therapeutic devices, are not medical devices and are never offered or intended for medical treatment of any disease or disorder. Promolife makes no medical claims relating to these products. Promolife does not diagnose, evaluate, treat, prescribe nor manage any diseases, physical or mental.