Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) doesn't take a lot of time and combines two of the most fundamental aspects of health.

EWOT is simple: while you exercise, you take in high quality oxygen. This has been used by a wide range of people for help losing weight, recovering from stress, providing better oxygenation throughout the body, and to recover from a variety of issues with the body.

What do I need for EWOT?

You don't need much, just a method for exercise, like a treadmill, exercise bike or the like, and a source of oxygen. An oxygen concentrator is highly recommended over tanks as they do not need to be refilled and can be used for longer periods of time.


The EWOTpro System is an ideal addition to ensure the best EWOT session. This system allows you to fill a large reservoir with oxygen and breathe it at your own pace. No losing oxygen if you breathe slower than your concentrator can flow, or not getting as much as you can if you breathe faster than the concentrator can flow. The included mask makes it easy to take in high quality oxygen at your pace.


If you want to further enhance your fitness regimen, consider the Multi-Step O2MT System. This system makes it easy to practice high altitude training from your own home or business.


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