Oxygen Concentrators

Our oxygen concentrators can be used for ozone therapy, beauty applications, and Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT).

It’s easy to find an oxygen concentrator to fit your needs. You can see a quick comparison below that will help you choose the right unit.


EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator (refurbished): Can be used for beauty and EWOT as Standard (up to 5 LPM), or upgrade to add the Promolife Low Flow Oxygen Meter for ozone therapy. The Low Flow Meter does not alter the concentrator - it can still be used at higher flows when needed.


EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator (New): Brand new version of the EverFlo listed above. The concentrator by itself can be used for beauty and EWOT, or you can package it with a Low Flow Meter for ozone use. Packages are also available with an O3Elite Ozone Generator.


Platinum 10 Oxygen Concentrator (refurbished): Our highest output concentrator (up to 10 LPM), it can be used for beauty and EWOT or can be packaged with a Low Flow Oxygen Meter for ozone therapy. It’s easy to add on the oxygen bar accessories you need.

Oxygen Concentrator

Millennium 10 Oxygen Concentrator (refurbished): This 10LPM concentrator operated at 6psi and is perfect for EWOT and high flow applications. With a flowmeter, it can be used for ozone therapy as well.


Already have a high flow concentrator and want to use it for ozone therapy? Our Low Flow Oxygen Meter allows you to access lower flows from high flow units without permanently modifying your machine.


Need accessories? Check out our Oxygen Accessories page.