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Promolife is dedicated to providing high quality medical ozone equipment, as well as complimentary products, education, and service to meet the needs of our practitioners and customers.    

We are committed to researching ways to improve our own product line and into finding new products known to enhance a healthier lifestyle.

When communicating with our customers we strive to act with integrity and truthfulness to bring them the best possible experience.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles


What is Brown's Gas? How does it compare to hydrogen?

As the inhalation of molecular hydrogen gains popularity for its purported benefits, many are researching this emerging application of hydrogen gas. READ MORE

Ultimate guide to replacing tubing on ozone bubblers

Have you noticed your silicone ozone tubing is starting to change color and texture? This is normal, even with a silicone hose that is A-rated for ozone compatibility. READ MORE

How to source oxygen locally

You will need a high-purity oxygen feed to properly operate your ozone generator. High purity oxygen keeps your equipment operating properly and ensures no impurities will come into or leave... READ MORE


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