Ozone Generator Testing Services

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Promolife is now offering an inexpensive way to test any oxygen-fed ozone generator.

We are offering this service to provide a better understanding of ozone output for individuals needing to know how their ozone generator performs.

Promolife has invested in and purchased a machine that has the ability to test and monitor ozone output at different flow rates. To participate in this program all you need to do is send your ozone generator to Promolife's testing facility and we will set up and test it. The cost is $175 for any generator that is not an O3Elite or O3Arc, which includes shipment of your machine back to you. For an O3Elite or O3Arc, the cost is $25 to cover return shipping. The actual test is free. See our shipping note at the bottom of this description.

Click here to print out the form you will need to send in with your ozone generator. This form can also be used for offline ordering.

What you will get

You will receive a chart and graph that will give you a clear understanding of how to set up your ozone generator for different ozone applications. The results will be listed in gm/C3.

Click here for an example report. Below is an example of the chart you will receive.

How it works

Most ozone generators have a rheostat dial that controls the strength of the ozone. The ozone percentage, when combined with oxygen flow, can vary depending on the selected ozone strength and oxygen flow rate.

An example: when your ozone generator is turned on, adjusting the oxygen flow will adjust the strength of the ozone output. Oxygen flow of 1/2 LMP will produce a stronger concentration of ozone than if the oxygen flow was set at 1 LMP. This is because the oxygen at a lower flow rate usually has a higher purity level and more contact time with the ozone cell, thus creating a stronger concentration of ozone.

Promolife will test ozone generators at oxygen rates from 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32 (if applicable) LPM flow rates. If there are multiple power adjustments on your ozonator, we will test each power adjustment with each flow rate.

Why do you want your ozone generator tested?

At Promolife, we believe in providing the best possible information for people thinking about or performing ozone therapy. This testing will help. Why? All ozone generators are different when it comes to cell size, quality and output. Knowing the concentration of ozone from your generator will allow you to more accurately use ozone in a more effective way. It can also be safer to know how much ozone is actually being produced.

Shipping qualifications: Ozone generators must meet shipping guidelines to qualify for free return shipping. Box size must not exceed 18"x18"x18" and must not exceed a weight of 25 pounds. If your generator exceeds these limits you may contact us about extra shipping. All packages shipped back will be insured and a delivery signature confirmation will be attached. We recommend insuring your package when shipping it to Promolife. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged packages. Packages will be shipped back to you UPS Ground. For expedited shipping, please contact us for details. If your generator is an O3Elite or O3Arc, do not send the power cord or tubing.

Questions?  Feel free to call us at 888-742-3404 to talk to our ozone expert or finalize shipping.

Click here to print out the form you will need to send in with your ozone generator. This form can also be used for offline ordering. You can mail your ozonator to Testing Services; 1220 S Happy Hollow Road, Fayetteville, AR 72701. Be sure to check the shipping qualifications above before mailing.

An ideal way to determine the exact ozone output of your ozone generator. Call 888-742-3404 or click our Support tab to contact us by email if you have questions.
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