Ozone Generator Comparison

O3Elite Ozone Generator

Which ozone generator should I choose for ozone therapy?

If you're serious about ozone, you want an ozone generator with top notch support, ultra pure output, and the ability to handle everything from ozone insufflations to ozone saunas. The O3Elite is an ideal choice.

All our Ozone Generators come with a Lifetime Warranty on the ozone cell and are Made in the USA. Find out why the O3Elite and O3Arc are ready for your use and which model is right for you.

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There are three O3Elite models: the Dual, the Single, and the Mini, and two O3Arc models: the Standard and the Plus.

Quick Comparison

O3Elite Mini: Up to 65 ug/ml, one cell, adjustable via oxygen source only, ideal for insufflations and ozonating water. No wall mounts.

O3Elite Single: Up to 70 ug/ml, one cell, fully adjustable, ideal for insufflations, syringe filling, ozonating water, cupping, full body ozone and more. Wall mounts included.

O3Elite Dual: Up to 110ug/ml, two cells, fully adjustable, ideal for ozone saunas, ozone with heat, faster water saturation and all other ozone therapy applications. Wall mounts included.

O3Arc Standard: Up to 90 ug/ml, one flat cell with 2x the surface area, fully adjustable, ideal for all ozone applications, preset digital outputs and built-in countdown timer.

O3Arc Plus: All the features of the Standard with the addition of a second ozone out port that can be operated with the button or a foot pedal, as well as a built-in ozone destruct system.

Quick Comparison

Gamma Output

Up to 65 ug/ml

Up to 70 ug/ml

Up to 110 ug/ml

Up to 90 ug/ml

Up to 90 ug/ml

# of Cells




One, 2x Surface Area

One, 2x Surface Area


Via Oxygen Source

Fully Adjustable

Fully Adjustable

Fully Adjustable

Fully Adjustable

Ideal Uses

Insufflations, ozonating water

Insufflations, syringe filling, ozonating water, cupping, full body ozone, applications that need more adjustability

Ozone saunas, ozone with heat, ozonating oil, faster water ozonation, insufflations, syringe filling, cupping, full body ozone and more

All ozone applications; preset options for precise outputs; built-in countdown timer

All ozone applications; preset options for precise outputs; built-in countdown timer; auxiliary port, built-in ozone destruct system, optional foot pedal operation

Wall Mounts






Why choose Promolife?

Best Features

All ozone generator models have some important features in common, including a Lifetime Warranty on the ozone cell. These include:

Universal Voltage: No transformer needed, they can be used worldwide.

Efficient Ozone Cells: Our cells are able to produce ultra pure ozone efficiently, making these units almost whisper-quiet. Compare this to loud, inefficient units and the difference is clear. Very low voltage makes it safer for you.

Ceramic Ozone Cells: As ultra pure and ozone-resistant as glass without the burnout potential of glass. Custom made in the United States.

Luer Lock Connections: With Luer Locks, tubing connects securely and won't slip off.

Cold Ozone Production: Cold Corona production means there's no need for cooling fans and no heat buildup that weakens ozone.

Made in the USA: All parts are made in the States. Units are built and hand-checked at our location in Northwest Arkansas.

Premier Support: Because our units are built here, we won't pass you off to other companies for support. We are here to help if you need it.

CE Approved

What's included

Each model comes with an accessory kit that includes silicone tubing with a Luer lock adapter, oxygen tubing with a Luer lock adapter, additional Luer Lock adapters, instruction manual, ug/ml gamma chart, power adapter, check valve, and Luer Lock caps. A host of accessories are available to expand your options.

Years of Research

The O3Elite and O3Arc are the results of years of research and development. We wanted to create a unit that offered ultra pure ozone, was easy to use, had top grade quality control, and a number of features previous customers recommended.

These units are low wattage and low frequency, with cells that won't burn out like glass and do not produce an abundance of heat. They are quiet and efficient, making them ideal for all kinds of ozone applications (if you've ever done an ear insufflation with a different kind of generator, you know how important it is to eliminate the fighter jet-like noise of less efficient machines). When the O3Elite or O3Arc runs, you barely hear it. Because they operate at such low voltage, they are some of the safest ozone generators you can find.

All units come with ceramic ozone cells, Luer Lock connections and universal voltage for worldwide use.

The O3Elite Single and Dual feature dial adjustments. The O3Arc models have preset digital outputs and a flat ozone cell for ultra precise and ultra stable concentrations, as well as a countdown timer. The O3Arc Plus includes a second ozone out port that can be operated by the button or a foot pedal.

Cold Ozone Production

In some machines, ozone production is loud and creates a lot of heat, which can degrade the quality. This is not a problem with the O3Elite or O3Arc. The process makes no excess heat with stable ozone output concentrations at a variety of oxygen flow rates. The O3Elite Mini has simple on/off operation and is adjustable by changing your oxygen source output. The O3Elite Single and Dual and both O3Arc units are fully adjustable using the oxygen source and the ozone generator itself. We provide gamma output charts that allow you to choose the exact settings to get the output you want.


Oxygen Sources

Ozone production requires a high purity oxygen source. We do not include these because needs vary, but we have a range of oxygen options available and can help you find what will work best for you. If you can get a prescription for oxygen, you can use a medical oxygen tank. If you'd prefer a tank but can't get a prescription, you can check your local area for businesses that fill industrial tanks. If you don't want to refill tanks or plan to use a lot of oxygen, you'll want to consider an oxygen concentrator. You can find more information on our Oxygen page.

Ready to Start Using Ozone?

Case Packages and Accessories

Our O3Elite Ozone Generators are also available in these packages, which come with a waterproof, crush-resistant case, oxygen tank, and tank regulator.

The Accessories You Want

The O3Elite and O3Arc ozone generators are suitable for use with a whole host of ozone accessories, from glassware and tubing to specialty syringe systems and dental applications. Visit our Ozone page to see a complete list of possible accessories.


We're here to help. View our Support page to contact us if you have any questions.