Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a Setup Consultation

If you've read the manuals, seen our videos, and still need some assistance with your Promolife products, we are here to help. Select a time and we will call you. We recommend setting aside at least 30 minutes for an ozone package setup. If you have questions about equipment you haven't purchased yet, you may schedule a sales call.

Note: Ozone packages and products include a maximum of two free 45 minute setup calls ($150 total value).

Before your appointment, make sure you have opened all parts included in your order. If you have an oxygen tank, make sure it has been filled.

Phone consultations are great for learning how to perform the therapy and to go over application and usage. Zoom consultations are great if you need to physically learn how to set up your equipment or if you're an international user.

Customers outside the United States will need to call us at the scheduled appointment time.