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Why does silicone hose change color?

Have you ever noticed that your silicone hose changes color over time? Do you wonder what might be causing this transformation? We will dive into the world of silicone tubing and explore its tendency to change color. More importantly, we'll show you some simple steps to prevent it.

How to Source Oxygen Locally

You will need a high-purity oxygen feed to properly operate your ozone generator. High purity oxygen keeps your equipment operating properly and ensures no impurities will come into or leave the ozone generator and accessories.

Ultimate Guide to Replacing Tubing on Ozone Bubblers

Have you noticed your silicone ozone tubing is starting to change color and texture? This is a normal occurrence, even with a silicone hose that is A-rated for ozone compatibility.

How long does ozone last in water?

Once ozonated water is made, it’s important to know that the effects can be short-lived. Temperature is the main variable if you want to extend the shelf life of the water.

Ozonating Large Amounts of Ozonated Water

In our previous article, A Deep Dive Into Ozonated Water, we ran a series of tests to determine how much ozone water can hold at different concentrations.

A practical guide to transporting ozone gas for insufflations

Do you have a friend or family member who is interested in trying ozone therapy? If they don’t have a local practitioner or would rather do ozone at home, it is possible to use your own ozone equipment to bring ozone gas directly to them.

How to Avoid Water and Oil Backflow into an Ozone Generator

In this article we’ll address backflow and what you can do to prevent this from happening. Also, we’ll examine how to properly diagnose and resolve this problem from home.

Why Hydrogen and Ozone Therapies Go Hand In Hand

First being used in industrial applications, it quickly found use in aeronautical applications due to its unique chemical properties.

Your Guide To Ozone Catheters

Catheters for use with ozone therapy can make insufflations much easier and more comfortable when using an ozone generator.

A Deep Dive into Ozonated Water

Most people using ozone know about gamma and how it is relevant to the various protocols of ozone therapy. However, the strength of ozone in water seems to be a source of confusion.

Troubleshooting Ozone Issues – Bubblers, Bags and Syringes

Have you ever had an issue filling an insufflation bag, even though you’ve done it several times before with no problems?


What You Need to Know About Fluoride

The United States is one of the only developed countries in the world that actively fluoridates the water supply.

The What, How and Why of Fluoride Removal

Fluoride is one of the most common chemicals in modern life, and is an entrenched part of the water supply in a long list of communities.


Why Hydrogen and Ozone Therapies Go Hand In Hand

First being used in industrial applications, it quickly found use in aeronautical applications due to its unique chemical properties.

What Is Brown’s Gas? How Does It Compare To Hydrogen?

As the inhalation of molecular hydrogen gains popularity for its purported benefits, many are researching this emerging application of hydrogen gas.

The Benefits of Topical Hydrogen

There’s a definite buzz around molecular hydrogen, and with good reason. As time goes by, the research continues to show promising potential therapeutic effects with few, if any, negative side effects.