O3Arc Digital Ozone Generators


O3Arc Digital Ozone Generators

The O3Arc Digital Ozone Generators feature ultra stable and ultra pure ozone using state-of-the-art components made and manufactured in the USA.

The O3Arc is the next generation in ozone production. Two models make it easy to choose the machine that best matches your needs, while the specialized ozone cell provides pure ozone, tested to be free of contaminates and byproducts. The state-of-the-art digital display allows you to choose the specific output needed, and the built-in timer can be used to automatically turn off the ozone at the proper time.

About the O3Arc

The O3Arc utilizes a specialized cell to produce ozone. Standard cells are usually tubes, but we have unrolled ours to double the surface area. This allows the cell to dissipate heat much more efficiently, even at lower flow rates. As a result, the ozone is stable, and with our digital power settings, you can be assured you are receiving the exact amount of ozone you want.

Like our O3Elite Ozone Generators, the O3Arc uses alumina oxide ceramics as the dielectric. These ceramic dielectrics are placed on both sides of the ozone cell. Combined with high grade Teflon tubing and 316 stainless steel fittings, the O3Arc produces ozone free from contaminates. We know because we had it tested. For more information on how safe and efficient our cells are, check out our Ceramic Ozone Cells video.

Universal Voltage for worldwide use without a step-down transformer

Made and assembled in the United States with A-rated components

Tested to be free of harmful byproducts or contaminates

Preset digital outputs provide precise, non-fluctuating concentrations

Built-in countdown timer for flexibility and ease of use

Pressure relief system ensures pressure does not rise enough to harm the unit

Digital Display, Power and Timer

Both O3Arc models have a digital display so you can choose your power setting and set a timer if you'd like the machine to automatically stop producing ozone at a certain time. The digital power settings ensure the level of ozone selected is exact. Dials can produce approximate numbers due to the nature of how a dial operates, but the digital system has no variation between settings.

Why a timer? We've heard from a variety of users that the ability to stop ozone at a certain time is highly beneficial. For example, if you are offering ozone saunas, you can make the ozone shut off five or ten minutes before the actual sauna session ends to lessen the amount of ozone that escapes the sauna. Or if you have users in multiple rooms, having the ability to limit the time the ozone flows is useful if there is a delay before you return to the room.

The O3Arc can be used with voltages from 110-240V. An international plug kit is provided with international orders that will allow you to plug the unit in to outlets around the world.

More O3Arc Features

Pressure Relief System

The O3Arc comes equipped with a pressure relief system. If high pressure occurs inside the ozone generator, only oxygen will be released. High pressure can occur if the user blocks or kinks the external ozone tubing. Pressure build-ups can put added internal stress the ozone cell and ozone tubing. By having this safety mechanism in place you are ensuring your unit will work properly for years to come.

Choosing a Model 

The O3Arc Plus is identical to the Standard except for the addition of an Auxiliary Ozone Port and a built-in foot switch input (foot pedal not included). This provides two outputs, which is helpful when you want to offer intermittent ozone applications. For example, ozone will initially flow through the primary port into an ozone destruct or water bubbler/humidifier (not included). A syringe, insufflation bag, dental handpiece or other ozone accessory can be attached to the auxiliary port and filled when you're ready by pressing the auxiliary power button or by pressing a foot pedal. This makes it easy to provide quick ozone treatments without needing to stop what you're doing to turn on your ozone equipment.

Special Packages   

The O3Arc Plus is also available as a part of two professional ozone packages: The Ozone Injection Package and the Ozone Dental Package Pro.


The O3Arc comes with a lifetime warranty on the ozone cell and a five year warranty on the digital controls and auxiliary port (Plus model).

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