Bulk Bone Char for Water Filter Systems

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Buying bone char in bulk is a cost-effective way to have extra filtration media on hand.    

We sell fluoride removal systems with bone char and other options already packaged in filters and housings. If you're wanting to stock up on bone char in bulk, now you can. You will receive a 25kg (just over 55 pounds) bag of bone char.

What is bone char?

Bone char is made of charred cow bones that are thoroughly cleaned out of cold storage, put in rain and sun for at least 90 days and completely dried. It then gets carbonized under controlled conditions at 1472 degrees F. You end up with 100% organic, Kosher Certified bone char that is 10% carbon, 80% phosphate of calcium and 10% calcium carbonate. As a filter media it leaves behind only beneficial minerals and no toxicity. It is more effective at water filtration than coconut due to being 100s of times more porous with fluoride-attracting calcium.

The longer the contact time between the water and bone char, the more fluoride (and a host of other contaminates) will be filtered out. That's why we recommend multiple stage systems.

What else can it remove?

Bone char can not only reduce fluoride, it can also reduce or remove cadmium, lead, iron, manganese, mercury, zinc, copper, nickel, aluminum, arsenic, fertilizers, radio-nuclide, herbicides, pesticides, radium and uranium. It's also been shown to remove tributyl tin oxide, nuvan and malochite green.

How long does it last?

Point of use fluoride filter systems can handle about 5,000 gallons before a filter change, while whole house systems can handle about 100,000 gallons. This varies depending on your use and fluoride levels but the average four person family should only need an annual filter change. By having bulk bone char on hand you can change it out at any time.       

An ideal solution if you'd like to replace multiple bone char filters yourself, as opposed to purchasing individual replacements.
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