Bone Char for Whole House 20 inch Cartridge Filter Systems

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Bone Char for Whole House Filter Systems is available.

On this page you can order replacement filters for your Whole House Fluoride Removal Water Filter. You can choose how many filter cartridges you need. Typically the unit sells as a four stage but you can choose the number you'd like to replace. Price is for one filter. Add the total number you need. These are the 20" filters. Bone char also removes chlorine, heavy metals and pesticides.

The physical size of these cartridges is 20" length x 4.5" diamater.

If you need to replace a KDF/GAC filter in your whole house system, see our KDF/GAC Whole House Replacement Filters.

NOTE: If you have a high amount of sediment turbidity in your water (usually from old pipes or frequent water line breakage) we highly encourage you to install a sediment pre filter on your system to avoid your new filter system from clogging and being ineffective. We offer sediment pre filters as an option to eliminate any sediment or dirt debris that may clog your bone char filters. We strongly encourage you to purchase the pre filter if you have the above situation. Debris can clog the pores of these filters and may reduce the water pressure of your whole house Fluoride removal system. This may result in reduced effectiveness to remove fluoride. Promolife is not responsible if your filters clog soon after you install your fluoride removal water purifier.

Designed for 20" water purification systems.
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