Replacement Bone Char Filters for Fluoride Systems

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Single bone char replacement filter cartridges are available.

These are single 2x10 standard size replacement filter cartridges that you can use to upgrade your existing system or to replace your Promolife Fluoride removal filters. Bone char also removes chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and more.  

Recommended number of bone char cartridges:

5 stage unit - depends on your initial setup
4 stage unit - 3 cartridges
3 stage unit - 2 cartridges
2 stage unit - 1 cartridge

The remaining cartridge can be carbon block, KDF/GAC, or another bone char.

Fluoride system replacement sets are also available for 2, 3 and 4 stage units.

NOTE: Some people experience a different taste after the initial install. This taste will go away. It is advised to run your water for 5 to 10 minutes once your unit is installed.

Other Filters Available

Replace one or more bone char filters. Designed for use with existing 10" filter housings.
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