KDF/GAC Replacement Filter for Whole House Water Systems

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If a KDF/GAC filter is part of your whole house system, this is the replacement filter you need.

KDF is a proven and patented method of removing bacteria, chlorine, chloramines, fungus, iron, most heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, algae and more from your water. It's made of 50% pure zinc and 50% pure copper. When water is exposed the KDF produces a reaction that turns free chlorine into simple chlorides. Other harmful contaminates are rendered harmless. KDF can remove 95% or more of chlorine. The electrolytic field forms hydroxyl and peroxide radicals and inhibits microorganisms. Because the zinc and copper ions tend to reattach to the media, these filters meet FDA and EPA standards. KDF won't remove minerals and is best used in combination with other filters for really effective filtration.

GAC, or Granulated Active Carbon, is very good at reducing or eliminating bad tastes and odors. It gets rid of many contaminates but not as many sub-micron particles. It doesn't remove minerals and is an ideal post filter used in combination systems.

Where to Use It

This filter is designed to replace KDF filters sold with our Whole House Fluoride Removal System. To order bone char replacement filters for that system, visit our Bone Char for Whole House page. The physical size of these cartridges is 20" length x 4.5" diameter.

20" length x 4.5" diameter. Designed for 20" water filtration systems.
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