1000ml Ozone Water Bubbler for Drinking Ozonated Water

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Our 1000ml Ozone Water Bubbler can be used with any ozone generator to produce ozonated water for drinking or sanitation.

Our ozone water bubbler with included ozone destruct is perfect for ozonating water without allowing ozone to escape into the air. This model also includes markings for those who want to know exactly how much water they are using. Includes a two inch piece of tubing and a connector. The connector will fit most tubing sizes.

The 1000 ml bubbler is sturdy and has a wide base to avoid easy tipping. The destruct and glass straw are held by a silicone stopper, which does not crack or break like a plastic cap. This makes it far more stable. It comes with an extra stopper without the holes so you can seal the bottle when not in use.

Ozonating water allows you to enjoy the benefits of ozone therapy by simply drinking water. Ozonate any amount of water you can drink in 5 to 30 minutes. The longer you ozonate the water the more saturated the water becomes. Our experience is that 500 ml will saturate in approximately 30 minutes at about 70 gamma.

If you're also interested in humidifying ozone for insufflations, you can save by using the Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo. This comes with an external ozone destruct with a valve that allows you to ozonate water on one setting or send ozone to an earscope, catheter or other accessory on the other setting.  

Made in the USA

All of Promolife's Ozone Glassware is made with Class A Laboratory Grade Borosilicate Glass.

Return information: 5% restock fee if glassware is unused and in sellable condition in original sealed packaging.

A number of customers have reported using ozonated water to sanitize fruits and vegetables. To do this, put your fruits and vegetables into a large bowl. Ozonate enough water to cover them and allow them to sit for five or ten minutes. Then store as you normally would.
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