2000ml Ozone Water Bubbler

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Our new larger ozone water bubbler is easy to use and connects with most ozone generators.

This large bubbler will produce high purity ozonated water when used with a medical ozone generator. The large water bubbler base will help prevent it from tipping over and breaking. An additional silicone stopper is included so the user can ozonate the water and then place in the fridge for easy storage.

There is no need to worry about excess ozone leaking into the room while you ozonate water with the built in ozone destruct system. The destruct system is positioned in the silicone stopper to prevent breakage and can be maintained by unscrewing the cap to replace the media.

Setting it up

The ozone inlet tube is attached to a female luer lock connector. It also comes with a male luer lock connector that allows the user to attach their silicone tubing to the water bubbler. Simple and quick to connect.

Ozonating your water

Ozonating water is one of the simplest ways to use ozone therapy. You can ozonate water in five to 30 minutes depending on how much water you want. The longer it is ozonated, the more saturated it will be. 500ml saturates in about 30 minutes at 70 gamma.

Note: We recommend using distilled water for highest ozone concentration.


  • Holds 2000ml or 1/2 gallon
  • Luer Lock connections
  • Simple hook up
  • Built in ozone destruct system
  • Lab grade borosilicate glass
  • All materials are 100% ozone resistant and high purity
  • Extra Silicone stopper to store water

Return information: 5% restock fee if glassware is unused and in sellable condition in original sealed packaging.

No glass stem to break, with a larger water capacity.
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