Ozone Water Bubbler Straw

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The Ozone Water Bubbling Straw is ideal for making ozonated water in any size container.

The Ozone Water Bubbling Straw is a glass straw with a crushed glass diffuser at the end. The crushed glass diffuser breaks apart the ozone gas so it can more efficiently absorb into the water. A male/female Luer lock connection is attached to the end of the tubing which allows you to connect it to the tubing that comes out of your ozone generator.

This product can make ozonated water in any size container. It's also ideal for for ozonating fruits and vegetables or creating ozone water for sanitation. Because there is no destruct system, you will probably want to use it outside or in a room with good ventilation. It is also recommended to use it with a glass container, as ozone has a tendency to affect a lot of different plastics.


  • All glass straw and diffuser
  • Luer lock connectors
  • 12 inch glass straw
  • Protective sheath
  • For high purity applications

Return policy: Not returnable if opened or used.

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