Ozone Glassware Humidifiers

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$129.95 - $139.95

Ozone Humidifiers are specially made for Ozone Therapy to make the ozone less harsh.

Ozone humidifiers are used to humidify ozone before and during ozone insufflations. Humidifying ozone makes it less harsh and easier for the skin to absorb. Humidified ozone is the same strength as non-humidified ozone once the water has had time to saturate.  

This humidifier comes with tubing and adapters already attached. A stand is included with the 200ml and 500ml so the jar won't tip over easily.

Many people who purchase humidifiers decide to add on an Ozone Destruct System. This allows you to ozonate the water as long as you need to for optimal ozone strength without allowing ozone to flow into the room. If you're interested in ozonating water, you can save by using the Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo, which comes with a larger jar and an ozone destruct system.

Setup Guides

200ml Ozone Humidifier
500ml Ozone Humidifier

All of Promolife's Ozone Glassware is made with Class A Laboratory Grade Borosilicate Glass.

Return information: 5% restock fee if glassware is unused and in sellable condition in original sealed packaging.

We recommend using an ozone destruct with your humidifier. Water must have contact with ozone for several minutes before it becomes fully saturated and allows the full ozone strength to get through to your application. An ozone destruct allows you to do this without excess ozone entering the room in the meantime.
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