Promolife Low Flow Oxygen Regulator

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The Promolife Low Flow Oxygen Meter turns your high output oxygen concentrator or oxygen tank into a low flow device for ozone therapy.

No need to buy a new concentrator or tank regulator, or make expensive alterations to one you already have. The Low Flow Oxygen Meter attaches to high or low pressure oxygen concentrators and oxygen tanks, allowing you to reduce the flow rate to levels usable with ozone. Ozone Therapy requires flow rates under 1 LPM, and this flow meter lets you choose any level between 1/16 LPM to 3/4 LPM, or .06 LPM to .5 LPM. It's easy to use and precise, so you get exactly the flow you need.

The flow meter can be adjusted in 1/16 increments. Our regulator is marked to allow you to use fractions from 1/16 to 3/4 or .06 to .5 LPM. It prevents back pressure into your concentrator and comes with a one year warranty. Even better, it's made in the USA.

What sets this apart?

It works with tanks and concentrators! Once the tubing is connected to the included 3-way switch, you never need to disconnect your tubing. You can use the switch to divert flow into the regulator for ozone therapy, or bypass the flow meter into any high flow rate application. This makes it easy to use high and low oxygen applications without confusing tubing replacements.

How to Use

Turn your concentrator to 2 LPM and divert it to the flow meter for use with ozone therapy. If you have an oxygen tank with a standard regulator, you can use it with this flow meter by setting your tank flow to 1 LPM. Once the oxygen is flowing into the flow meter, simply adjust the dial on the flow meter for the desired oxygen flow.

Additional tubing is included so it can be used with most ozone generators and oxygen concentrators.

Specifications and features

  • Adjust flow to 1/16 LPM or .06 to .5 LPM.
  • 3-way switch included
  • Two sets of oxygen tubing for oxygen in and oxygen out
  • Prevents back pressure
  • No tools needed for installation
  • One year warranty
  • Compatible with High/Low pressure oxygen concentrators and oxygen tanks
  • Comes with dust caps for the oxygen in and out ports
  • Made in the USA

Return Policy: 15% return fee if returned opened or used.

Can be used with high output oxygen concentrators and oxygen tanks.
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