O2Ready Prefilled Oxygen Tanks

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Prefilled oxygen tanks are an ideal choice for high purity oxygen delivered directly to you for use with your ozone generator.

VideoO2Ready Oxygen Tanks ship already filled with 99.9% pure oxygen. This is an even higher purity than medical tanks, and is ideal for those who want an easy option for high purity oxygen for use with your ozone equipment. No prescriptions needed, no traveling for refills, they ship right to your home or office. You can even send them in for recycling for free and receive a store credit when you do. These tanks use their own regulator which can be reused from tank to tank. The regulators allow you to use the standard low flow rates required by most ozone equipment.

Shipping note: Due to shipping restrictions, these tanks can only be shipped to the contiguous USA or Canada by Ground. Expedited options are not available. If priority or priority express is chosen during checkout, we can still only ship these tanks via standard Ground.

How long do they last?

O2Ready tanks hold 105 liters of oxygen. For moderate daily users, one tank will last about a month. For light users each tank will last about two months. It depends on your usage of course, but below you can see some examples to determine how much you might use.

Examples (applications)

  • Making ozonated water at 1/16 LPM takes 15 minutes. This will use about one liter of oxygen. This means you could ozonate water over 100 times per tank.

Examples (continuous flow)

  • With a flow rate of 1/8 LPM you can get about 840 minutes or 14 hours of continuous use.
  • With a flow rate of 1/16 LPM you can about 1680 minutes or 28 hours of continuous use.

Get money back when you recycle

When you’re done with a tank, all you have to do is follow the included instructions to fill out our online form, print the free FedEx label, and ship it. Once we’re informed of the tracking number and can see the package is in transit, we will apply a $10 store credit for each tank you return. This credit can be used on any future order.

How do I know this is right for me?

O2Ready is ideal if you can’t get a medical tank, don’t have a local source of industrial oxygen, don’t want to deal with getting tanks refilled, or need higher purity than an oxygen concentrator can provide for your ozone generator. They are also perfect if you just like the convenience of having your oxygen delivered right to you.

You might not want them if you plan to run oxygen continuously or for extended periods of time. Depending on your area, medical or industrial tanks might be more economical in the long run if you have access.

How to purchase

O2Ready Tanks come in packs of two, four, six or twelve. Choose the number above. If you’ve purchased some in the past and already have a regulator, you will not need another. If this is your first purchase, you will need to add on a regulator above in order to use your tanks. Why would you want multiple tanks? Having extra tanks keeps you covered. When one is empty, follow our instructions to send it in and you will still have a tank to use until you can purchase more.

Optional accessories

If you need additional regulators, visit our O2Ready Regulators page. If you'd like one or more stands made specifically for these tanks, visit our O2Ready Stands page.

Return Policy: Not returnable due to shipping restrictions. Can only be shipped to contiguous USA. Empty tanks can be shipped for a $10 store credit as described above if you live in the contiguous USA.

Not returnable due to shipping restrictions. Empty tanks may be returned for $10 store credit by following the instructions provided with the tank.
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