O2Ready Prefilled Oxygen Tanks

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Prefilled oxygen tanks are an ideal choice for high purity oxygen to ensure accuracy when used with ozone generator.

O2Ready Oxygen Tanks ship already filled with 99.999% pure oxygen. This is USP grade and aviation grade oxygen. These tanks use their own regulator which can be reused from tank to tank. The regulators allow you to use the standard low flow rates required to ensure the accuracy of most ozone equipment. These tanks are 1000 psi tanks.  

How long do they last?

O2Ready tanks hold 116 liters of oxygen. It depends on how often you use the tank. See the examples below.

Examples (continuous flow)

With a flow rate of 1/8 LPM you can get about 928 minutes or 15.5 hours of continuous use.

With a flow rate of 1/16 LPM you can about 2400 minutes or 40 hours of continuous use.

How do I know this is right for me?

O2Ready is ideal if you want oxygen sent directly to you to ensure the accuracy of your ozone equipment.

How to purchase

O2Ready Tanks come in packs of two, four, six or twelve. Choose the number above. If you’ve purchased some in the past and already have a regulator, you will not need another. If this is your first purchase, you will need to add on a regulator above in order to use your tanks. Why would you want multiple tanks? Having extra tanks keeps you covered.

Note: Tank colors may vary. These tanks are not refillable.

If you need additional regulators, visit our O2Ready Regulators page.

Shipping note: Due to shipping restrictions, these tanks can only be shipped to the contiguous USA or Canada by Ground. Expedited options are not available. If priority or priority express is chosen during checkout, we can still only ship these tanks via standard Ground.

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