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"I finally got an ozone machine at home and I am obsessed with it! I use it everyday. I just wish I had gotten it sooner!"

~ Shivan Sarna, Founder of Chronic Condition Rescue

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Introducing the EZO3!

The EZO3 is Ozone Water Made Easy - a portable device that doesn’t need an oxygen source to create ozonated water for rinsing, sanitation, and drinking.

It’s never been easier to have ozone water on the go. Whether you want to rinse your teeth and gums, wash your hands, drink ozonated water, clean surfaces, or sanitize toothbrushes and other items at home or on the road, the EZO3 is the answer.  

There is no need for an ozone generator or external oxygen source. Add distilled water and several ozone boost drops and turn on the unit. It will take 3 minutes to cycle and then it’s done. That’s it - easy ozone water whenever you need it.


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Oxygen is crucial for creating ultra pure ozone. You can find out more by watching our video.

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These packages include everything else you need to begin with ozone. Find out which package is right for you by watching our video.

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