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The Full Body Ozone Bag allows you to cover your body with ozone in a comfortable and contained way.

The full body ozone bag is one of the easiest methods we've found for using ozone over your body.  You just attach the tubing from your ozone generator to the included adapter,  zip yourself up in the bag, pull the zippers to your neck and either sit or lie down for the desired time period.  Even though your arms do not stick out of the bag, we have personally tested and determined that a single person can use the bag effectively without assistance after practice. 

If you have any ozone leakage from the top of the bag, you can either wrap a towel around your shoulders to block it or turn a small fan on your face to blow away the excess.


  • Size, flat:  3' x 7' 10"
  • Ozone resistant material (chlorine free PEVA material)
  • Snag resistant zipper

Return information: Not returnable if opened or used. 5% restock fee if returned within 30 days in original sealed packaging.

If you have any ozone leakage from the top of the bag, you can either wrap a towel around your shoulders to block it or turn a small fan on your face to blow away the excess.
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  • Enhanced performance

    Posted by Samuel Mifsud on Jan 31st 2019

    I've found that if you just flip the bag inside out you can attain the ability to zipper the bag from inside now, plus I made a skeletal frame made from pvc which is good at Ozone resistance so now the bag can have more surface area of ozone and it's not just laying on top blocking the ozone on your skin. This is my approach to the limitations that comes with doing home therapy with the body bagging.

  • Very Good, but it can be improve

    Posted by Roland on Oct 10th 2018

    Item was very well packed. The pluses: 1. Its large 2. It lies flat, so doesn't accumulate a lot of air before you get in it. 3. Made of strong film material that appears will resist ozone very well. 4. Film material is easy to clean, does not stain, does not absorb water. 5. Can be opened wide up to allow drying.

    The minuses. 1. The zipper does not lock in place, if you are not careful any movement can open it around your neck.
    2. The zipper does not have double sided pulls, so you cannot close the zipper directly from the inside. If you are doing a treatment on yourself this adds a complication. (Its hard to close it well from the inside.) The cords attached to the pulls do not help on the inside.

    Suggest at a minimum the manufacturer should use a zipper with a pull on each side as IR saunas have. Also use a zipper that can be easily locked in place and released from the inside , that would be nice. Another suggestion is to add a small assess zipper to the bag, so somebody on the inside can open and reach to the outside with their hand. place it near where the head is {as IR saunas have). Also consider engineering the bag so it has an opening for the head without a zipper across it again as IR saunas have.

    These changes may add a few dollars to the cost but in my opinion its worth it to pay a little more.

  • Best $59 I've ever spent!

    Posted by Paula on May 29th 2018

    Let me tell you, I didn't expect this bag to be anything THAT great, but I am totally susrprised. I do muscle testing so I am finding out what ozone can do administered this way.
    I have a 4th stage cancer client who is doing everything holistically for himself. Everything he's doing is working beautifully. His tumor is shrinking noticeably and quickly. According to my testing, the ozone is neutralizing the acids in his lymph system, the human sewer system. I've tested it to be 7.4 pH! Normal would be 7.0. But for his condition, 7.4 kills cancer cells, as this interstitial lymph fluid surrounds each and every cell. It seems to be cumulative, as the 7.4 is holding. It will hold as long as he stays on his raw diet of fruits and veggies. In my own body, the same is happening, but I am not as strict with my diet, so my pH is not as alkaline. So we know what this way of administering ozone will do. It goes into the skin rapidly and does marvelous things. We stay in the bag about 40 min. to accomplish this. I also have an H pylori client who has benefitted. He tests no more bacteria, although again, he was strict with his diet. As of today, he is adding more foods!! This is so thrilling folks. Try it, it won't hurt you.

  • Perfect for travel

    Posted by Tom on Aug 18th 2015

    I already have a sauna, but at times it just isn't very handy, such as when we're on vacation. The "Bag" is perfect for travel, and home use. Easy to get into and out of with the zippers, and the gas attachment is already attached at the feet. I run the treatment at 1/4lpm for starters to fill the bag, then turn it down to 1/8lpm for the duration. This saves oxygen. It's very easy to clean afterward, and I leave it open and inside out to dry. I have 3 bags to rotate out, so no one is getting into one until its clean and dry. Once dry, they fold up quite small for storage. I have owned them for almost a year now and with a little tender loving care, none of them has yet been damaged. They're stronger than they look.

  • Better

    Posted by William on Aug 18th 2015

    This body bag was a much higher quality than the first bag you sent me. I did not, however, receive the adapter that connects to the bag and I'm simply inserting the tube into the bag through the neck opening in order to introduce the ozone into the bag.

  • Will order again

    Posted by Brenda on Aug 18th 2015

    I like the suit, but it is really big for me. Your prices are reasonable for the most part. Your delivery time is great. I will definitely be ordering from you again in the future.