Fluoride System Replacement Filter Sets

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$75.95 - $193.95
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Replacement fluoride removal filter sets for undercounter and counter top units

If you have a standard fluoride system, you can use this page to easily reorder your replacement filters. Individual filters are also available for custom systems.

A. Two Stage Replacement Set:  one Bone Char and one Carbon Block

B. Three Stage Replacement Set:  two Bone Char, one Carbon Block

C. Four Stage Replacement Set:  three Bone Char, one Carbon Block

D. Five Stage Replacement Set - Standard:  four Bone Char, one Carbon Block

E. Five Stage Replacement Set - KDF/Chloramine:  three Bone Char, one KDF/GAC and one Chloramine

F. Five Stage Replacement Set - Chloramine:  four Bone Char, one Chloramine

All filters are standard 2x10.

Custom Fluoride Systems

If you customized your system and the above filter sets don't match your needs, you can order individual filters as well, including:

Easily choose the set that fits your system and keep your water cleaner and your water filter unit operating effectively.
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  • Purest, safest water

    Posted by Donovan Fansler on Jul 14th 2018

    Water is so clean, so pure I can even give it directly to my tropical and goldfish with no additional chemical treatment. If it's safe enough to keep them health, it's safe enough to drink. We have had the city up the fluoride and chloramines a few years ago. Terrible. With this filter there is no chemical danger.

  • Best filter

    Posted by Sal on Aug 19th 2015

    This is the best filter our water is now safe and everyone comments on the great taste.

  • Very good

    Posted by Jimmy on Aug 19th 2015

    Very good! Quick response to the customer's requirement, clearly explain the detail of the product,professional service! I've already shared this website to the public forum.

  • Very pleased

    Posted by Carrie on Aug 19th 2015

    We have been usings these filters for many years. Each of my children have installed this filter system in their apartments and homes. We have been very pleased with the service and value offered by promolife. The filters arrive quickly and in perfect condition,easy to install. The water tastes clean and filters last a very long time.