PurO3 Tooth and Gum Support with Stevia and Peppermint

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PurO3 Tooth & Gum Support is comprised of organic, fully ozonated olive oil, ozonated hemp oil, organic Stevia and organic peppermint oil with no fluoride or harmful chemicals.

Ozonated olive oil has recently been recommended by well known health practitioners as a great support for gums and teeth, plaque removal and more.  We went a little farther and added organic Stevia and organic peppermint oil to improve the taste so it is easy to use on a daily basis.

Ozonated Olive Oil and Ozonated Hemp Oil:  We use only the best unrefined organic extra virgin olive oil and organic hemp oil for PurO3 Tooth & Gum Support.  We use an all glass cold process and medical oxygen to create the highest quality ozonated oil available today.  The oil in this product is fully ozonated for maximum strength.

Benefits of Organic Peppermint Oil:  Peppermint oil is used often in dental products because of its antiseptic properties.  It has been shown to fight bad breath by eliminating germs and to alleviate tooth aches.

Benefits of Organic Stevia:  Stevia is a no calorie sweetener that is naturally derived from the Stevia plant.  It has been shown to be completely safe when coming in contact with teeth and to inhibit the development of plaque. 

Do you wonder about how ozonated oils smell? You can read our article about that here: Understanding the scent of ozonated oils (opens in new window).
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  • Might save my tooth!

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 29th 2018

    I had a nasty tooth/gum infection that has improved GREATLY since using this oxygen oil. I put it on my gums and leave it, spit when I have to and reapply several times a day. The taste is like pool water to me, but that's okay; I'm a swimmer. Even so, the pain is practically gone. my abscess is tiny now and I'm going to keep using it no matter. It's great stuff.

  • Happy mouth!

    Posted by Janis-Marie on Aug 18th 2015

    What a pleasure it is to use this! I've had mouth and gum issues for years, in spite of doing all the "right" things --- brushing 3x a day, flossing, mouthwash with essential oils, peroxide rinse, and oral probiotics --- so frustrating. So I decided to try the ozonated oil to see if and how it would help. What a goodness! Within one week of using it, my mouth feels clean like I just had a dental cleaning, the stains from daily coffee and black tea are disappearing effortlessly, and mouth and gum health greatly is improved. Gingivitis is gone. Although the ozone flavor is not a favorite, I look forward to using this daily, because now I have "Happy Mouth"! This is now my go-to oral hygiene friend.