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Extra virgin, cold pressed, organic Ozonated Olive Oil can help with a wide variety of issues.

Our PurO3 activated oxygen olive oil is made with pure medical grade oxygen.  This makes our ozone olive oil many times stronger and more effective than other brands that use inferior oxygen sources.  No stabilizers or preservatives are used.  It is also available with Lavender

How can ozonated olive oil help me?

PurO3 Ozonated Olive Oil is extensively used to reoxygenate tissues for multiple skin conditions when used topically.  It is very popular for use with facial treatments and can be very helpful for the treatment of wounds.  When used during massage, ozone enters tissues and oxidizes lactic acid and toxins for better elimination.

Use our Activated Oxygen Olive Oil daily to dress wounds. Some people have taken this internally as well. However if you want a high concentration of ozone internally we recommend Ozone Steam Saunas or drinking ozonated water.

Ozone olive oil can be used topically to help improve the following:  (We make no claims or guarantees for curing these conditions)

  • Dry skin
  • Eczema
  • Athlete's Foot
  • Insect Bites
  • Psoriasis
  • Sunburn
  • Skin Ulcers
  • Cuts & Scrapes
  • Burns
  • Diaper Rash
  • Fungal Infections
  • Fistulae
  • Bed Sores
  • Leg Ulcers
  • Herpes Simplex
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Gingivitis
  • Acne
  • Ringworm
  • Sweat Gland Infections
  • Dermatitis
  • Seborrhea
  • Muscle Aches
  • Wrinkles
  • Skin Yeast
  • And more...

 PurO3 ozonated olive oil can also benefit animals.

Ozonated olive oil can be put directly on cuts, bites or incisions or fed to animals.   Apply two to three times daily and place gauze over the injury. When feeding determine the size of the animal and administer.  Examples: for a cat, give 1/2 teaspoon daily. For dogs, give one tablespoon daily.

How is PurO3 ozonated olive oil made?

Ozone is bubbled through extra virgin organic olive oil for an extended length of time, causing the oil to gel into a salve. When in gel form you know your oil is saturated with ozone (activated oxygen) and oxygen.  Oil sold that is liquid has very little ozone saturation and is less effective or completely ineffective.  Our PurO3 olive oil is made with only medical grade oxygen and ozone.

Promolife's ozonated olive oil is created using a cold production ozone generator with medical oxygen.  The benefit of using cold production (low frequency) ozone when producing ozonated oil is that no heat enters the oil. Traditional ozone generators (high frequency) produce heat upwards of 250 degrees which enters the oil. This can cause the oil to lose some of its beneficial properties.

To know if you are truly getting fully ozonated oil it should be a thick paste at room temperature, not a liquid.  Liquid ozone oil is not considered fully ozonated oil.  Depending on the amount of oil it can take weeks if not months to make fully ozonated oil. Different oils hold different amounts of ozone. Olive and sunflower oil rank as holding the most. The higher the oleic acid content of the oil the more ozone it will hold.

How should I store it?

We recommend storing ozonated olive oil in the refrigerator so it will last longer. Ozone will last over ten years when refrigerated. At room temperature expect it to remain effective for up to one year depending on temperature. It is highly recommended placing into a refrigerator immediately upon receiving to help preserve freshness.

Note: This jar will not appear full to the brim when received. Jar measurements are determined by not including the thickness the lid occupies. Liquids cannot be filled to the brim so as to make room for expansion and to prevent leakage.

If you desire an effective aid for healing, try ozonated olive oil.  It comes in 2 or 4 ounce jars.

Various forms of ozone therapy are available. We will attempt to offer you some suggestions and guidelines as to the different types of ozone therapy along with some of the benefits. Remember the information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. We do not and will not guarantee that any form of ozone therapy will work. We always recommend consulting a licensed medical practitioner before starting a new therapy.

Do you wonder about how ozonated oils smell? You can read our article about that here: Understanding the scent of ozonated oils (opens in new window).
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  • It worked for me!

    Posted by Bob Rynes on Jun 27th 2016

    I have some nerve damage / issues in my feet. After debating all the options I decided to go with Ozone Therapy as my treatment. I purchased all the Ozone equipment that I needed to make Ozone water and to breath Ozone, and included in my order I went with a jar of their Ozone Olive Oil. Since I started applying this oil to them morning and night (also mid day on weekends) and started drinking and breathing Ozone my numbness and shooting electric pain is now less than half of what it was prior to Ozone! I firmly believe in my heart that this oil really does add another level of Ozone application that works and is well worth the money!

  • Finally some relief

    Posted by Robert Rynes on Jun 21st 2016

    I have suffered with various foot issues from hard callused skin to nerve issues such as numbness, stabbing pains and a static electric tingling feeling across the tops of both of my feet for years!
    I did a lot of research and questioning and decided to try Ozone Therapy. After researching I decided to go with Promolife. I believe that they have the best products available.
    I ordered everything except the oxygen tank from them- purchasing it separately was much cheaper. Along with the equipment I purchased a small jar of their Ozonated Olive oil. THAT WAS THE BEST THING I COULD HAVE DONE! I started applying it to my feet morning and night as soon as it arrived. In just a few days I could feel a noticeable difference in my feet. My reflexologist even mentioned the change, and I could feel what she was pressing on inside my feet! I hadn’t felt that in years!!
    I am also feeling the effects from drinking, inhaling the ozone to!!!!
    Without doubt, this investment of approx. $2,000.00 has been very very well spent!!!!

  • Great products!

    Posted by Donna G on Aug 18th 2015

    Great products! I love your catalog! Wished I could buy one of everything you offer!!! I also appreciate how knowledgeable and helpful your customer service operators are!!!

  • Thank you for the product

    Posted by Melinda A on Aug 18th 2015

    I really like the product. I use it each night before bed and each moroning under makeup. My Mother had a skin burn and I had her put it on the burn and she healed quickly. Thank you for the product.

  • Great results

    Posted by Andrew on Aug 18th 2015

    I got this for my wife's staph infection/MRSA and we were both very skeptical at first as other treatments didn't work very well and when antibiotics did work the side effects were not good. This Ozonated Olive Oil has worked wonders on both my wife and sister. My sister had an unidentified skin irritation for six weeks. She was about to see a Doctor but cancelled the appointment because after one application of the product it almost completely went away overnight. Now we use it on everything from cat scratches to scars. It works wonders even on stubborn infections. We definitely would recommend it to other people and it is worth the money.

  • Helps out

    Posted by Chris on Aug 18th 2015

    This ozonated olive oil seems to be helping to clear up eczema breakouts on my hands that nothing else helped. It's not overnight, but three applications has reduced the problem by more than half so far, so I'm happy.

  • Good for tick bites

    Posted by Toby on Aug 18th 2015

    When I got a tick bite I applied ozonated olive oil. I do have to say I was somewhat surprised how fast the itching and redness went away. I kept applying for about 3 days and was very happy with the results. I have tried other ozonated oils and have found that the oils which are fully ozonated work way better. You can tell the oil is fully ozonated when the oil is a thick paste at room temperature.

  • Awesome

    Posted by Christy on Aug 18th 2015

    I used this on some flea bites that were large, red and swollen. Usually a flea bite stays with me for 3-4 days but the next morning it was like I hadn't been bitten at all.

  • Great stuff!

    Posted by Dan P on Aug 18th 2015

    This product has worked on a wide variety of scrapes, poison ivy and most importantly it stops diaper rash in it's tracks. Great stuff!!