PurO3 Ozonated Jojoba Oil with Lavender

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PurO3 Ozonated Jojoba Oil with Lavender is perfect for beauty and the skin, wrinkles, acne and more.

Jojoba has a creamy and luxurious consistency when it is mixed with ozone (activated oxygen).  People most often use it for dry skin, rosacea, acne and many more, and is an great daily moisturizer. 

Jojoba Oil is treasured by cosmetics for very good reasons.  It is superior to oils made of triglycerides because it is a wax composed of long-chained linear esters.  Very similar to human skin oil, it is extremely absorbable and does not leave an oily residue, just a velvety feeling on the skin.

Comes in two ounce blue jars.  Ingredients:  Jojoba Oil, activated oxygen (O3).

Common references:  ozonated jojoba oil, ozonated oil

Do you wonder about how ozonated oils smell? You can read our article about that here: Understanding the scent of ozonated oils (opens in new window).
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  • Feels Great

    Posted by Sandy on Feb 22nd 2016

    Have only had this product a couple weeks so I can't tell if it's had any effect on my skin. I bought this to use on my face and it does make my skin feel very soft. There is no improvement in wrinkles but it could be too soon to tell.

  • Fabulous

    Posted by Andrea on Aug 18th 2015

    The oils are fabulous. I just got this email after taking a shower and applying the lavender oil to my face. I have dry skin and this is so perfect! I also love the olive ozone for things so many things, it is terrific!

  • I LOVE IT !!!!

    Posted by Patti on Aug 18th 2015

    I LOVE IT !!!!

  • Amazing product

    Posted by Shayla on Aug 18th 2015

    I use this as a facial moisturizer and I absolutely love it! My skin is never dry and it doesn't get oily with this product either. It really is amazing for acne and wrinkles. An amazing product that I recommend to anyone.

  • Working well

    Posted by Alexis on Aug 18th 2015

    Lightened up darkened skin and smoothed over raises stretchmarks.