E-Pulse Elite PEMF System

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The E-Pulse Elite PEMF System provides the strength and versatility you need for premium PEMF treatments.

EPulse Magnetics’ Elite is the Platinum Edition of their PEMF device line. With separate dials for pulse rate and electromagnetic field energy level, EPulse Magnetics’ Elite is designed to increase the efficacy of each session through a wide range of control settings. Up to 3Tesla (30,000Gauss) of electromagnetic field energy is gently delivered for deep penetration of different tissue thicknesses at various frequencies of up to 50Hz. Full compatibility with all accessories makes this model a perfect PEMF solution for the whole body plus it allows use of two accessories at the same time. Healthcare practitioners and households alike who are looking for a “single device solution” will find the EPulse Magnetics’ Elite the right fit as the frequency and electromagnetic field levels can be customized to address everyone’s needs.

If you want information on PEMF and how this machine works, view our Promocast video interview with John F. Kressler II, MD, MA, MS on this page.  

What is Tesla?

Tesla is how the magnetic field is measured. You adjust the intensity of the machine by adjusting the Tesla. The maximum amount of Tesla this unit produces is up to 3 T or 30,000 Gauss. The Tesla can be adjusted to go as low or as high as needed.

Why is it important to adjust the intensity? The intensity should be adjusted based upon the situation. If deeper, more aggressive or acute healing is needed, the intensity needs to be higher to penetrate to the proper area. An example would be bone pain, legs, brain health, etc. Low intensity is good for longer and calmer treatments. It is also good for follow up treatments, relaxation, and for very tender areas.

What is pulse rate?

The pulse rate is the number of pulses that the PEMF machine produces. The pulse rate can be adjusted to go faster or slower as needed.

Why is it important to adjust the pulse rate? First, it is always best to have the most control of the device. Otherwise, the manufacturer does the thinking for you. The best reason to have dual controls is so you can maximize intensity by maximizing the pulse rate.

If the pulse rate is too slow with high intensity, it is too powerful for many people and certain situations. As the body learns to adapt quickly, it is best to not have the exact same treatment every time. With dual controls your options are limitless.

About the E-Pulse Elite Loops

The standard loop is good for larger areas, like the back, over both legs, or around the neck. The double loop makes it easy to target smaller areas on the body.  

Included: E-Pulse PEMF Mat

You can choose to add on another PEMF Mat to further enhance your PEMF treatments. It is 33" x 23" x 1.5". A soft black mat with 6 foot lead.


Included: Double Loop

Target smaller areas of the body than the included standard loops.

Included: Standard Loop

Good for larger areas of the body.

Still need help?

Schedule a meeting with a PEMF expert on this product. You can also watch an interview with a PEMF expert above.


  • Separate controls for intensity level and pulse rate
  • Compact design
  • Air and water sealed enclosure
  • Minimal maintenance plasma chamber
  • Timer end dial and light indicator
  • Detachable probes


  • Dimensions: 24"x15"x11" (61cm x 38cm x 28cm) and two-inch (5cm) polyurethane wheels
  • Weight: 42 lbs (19kg)
  • Allows two probes to be used at the same time
  • Colour: Black
  • Casting: Polycarbonate plastic
  • Timer: Variable up to 60 minutes
  • Voltage: 120/220-240 VAC 50/60Hz
  • Ampere: 2.25 Amp/1.13 Amp per pulse (maximum)
  • Energy: Up to 270 Watts per pulse (maximum)


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