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The E-Pulse Dynamic PEMF System provides adjustable intensity, providing options some other PEMF machines don't have.

EPulse Magnetics’ Dynamics is a high-power PEMF in a small package. With a maximum electromagnetic field energy of 2 Tesla (20,000 gauss) delivered at every pulse, EPulse Dynamics is ideal for individuals and practitioners who are in search of PEMF for therapeutic needs or simply for recovery sessions. Like all the EPulse PEMF devices, its design is technologically advanced and innovative. The simplicity of operation is maintained making it ready to use right out of the box. The Pulse Rate Dial design allows for a wide range of combinations for pulse rate and power level settings unlike those based on solid-state design. Lastly, like all other EPulse PEMF devices, the Dynamics is built on the plasma chamber that delivers the gentle pulses that EPulse PEMFs for which they are known.

$17,000 Dynamics package includes one standard loop probe, one small double-loop probe, and a half-body mat.

If you want information on PEMF, view our Promocast video interview with Dr. John Kressler, MD, MA, MS on this page.

What is tesla?

Tesla is how the magnetic field is measured. You adjust the intensity of the machine by adjusting the Tesla. The maximum amount of Tesla this unit produces is up to 2 T or 20,000 gauss. The Tesla can be adjusted to go as low or as high as needed.

Why is it important to adjust the intensity? The intensity should be adjusted based upon the situation. If deeper, more aggressive or acute healing is needed, the intensity needs to be higher to penetrate to the proper area. An example would be bone pain. Low intensity is good for longer and calmer treatments. It is also good for follow up treatments, relaxation, and for very tender areas.

What is pulse rate?

The pulse rate is the number of pulses that the PEMF machine produces. This is pre-set on the Dynamic for optimal performance. If you want adjustable pulse rates, that is an option on the E-Pulse Elite.


  • Single control for both intensity level and pulse rate
  • Compact medium-sized suitcase design
  • Air and water sealed enclosure
  • Minimal maintenance plasma chamber
  • Timer end dial and light indicator
  • Detachable probe


  • Dimensions: 17”x13”x6.5” (43cm x 33cm x 17cm)
  • Weight: 22 lbs (10kg)
  • Colour: Black
  • Casting: Polycarbonate plastic
  • Timer: Variable up to 60 minutes
  • Voltage: 120/220-240 VAC 50/60Hz
  • Ampere: 1.5 Amp/0.9 Amp per pulse (maximum)
  • Energy: Up to 180 Watts per pulse (maximum)

Still need help?

Schedule a meeting with a PEMF expert on this product. You can also watch an interview with a PEMF expert on this page.

Optional: Extra E-Pulse PEMF Mat

You can choose to add on the PEMF Mat to further enhance your PEMF treatments. It is 33" x 23" x 1.5". A soft black mat with 6 foot lead.


Optional: Double Loop Probe

This unit comes with a standard loop. The standard loop is good for larger areas, like the back, over both legs, or around the neck. The double loop is good for spot treatments like the head and smaller areas.

Double Loop

Included: E-Pulse PEMF Mat

You can choose to add on another PEMF Mat to further enhance your PEMF treatments. It is 33" x 23" x 1.5". A soft black mat with 6 foot lead.


Included: Double Loop

Target smaller areas of the body than the included standard loops.

Included: Standard Loop

Good for larger areas of the body.

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