Disposable Ozone Limb Bags for Arms or Legs - 10 Pack

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Disposable limb bags make it easy and affordable to target ozone to an arm or leg.

These disposable limb bags can usually be used up to five times depending on ozone concentration and duration. There are two sizes. The 30" x 12" large bag is ideal for legs and can reach the majority of most legs. The 24" x 10" medium bag is ideal for arms. Simply place the limb into the bag, seal with the included Velcro strap, connect your tubing, and turn on your ozone.

This kit comes with ten bags, one Velcro strap, and two ozone connection fittings that can be reused with multiple bags.

Return policy: Not returnable if opened or used. 5% restock fee if returned within 30 days in original sealed packaging.

Returnable within 30 days if the main product bag is still sealed.
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