Oxygen Regulator with Custom Calibration Upgrade

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This option will allow you to purchase an oxygen tank regulator that is calibrated specifically to the Promolife Ozone Generator you are purchasing.

We test all of our ozone generators with our own specific regulator, which is ideal for most users and gives a very accurate gamma chart for the generator. Slight variations can occur when the owner is using a different oxygen regulator. This is rarely an issue, but when using the equipment for any kind of IV infusion of ozone, it is imperative that the doctor knows exactly how much ozone is being administered. That's what this upgrade will provide.

This upgrade includes the oxygen tank regulator of your choice. During the assembly and calibration process of the ozone generator you purchase, we will take the very regulator you are purchasing in order to test gamma levels. We will provide a certification form notating the serial numbers of the generator and the regulator with a custom printout that will visually show you the unit and regulator are calibrated together. You will also receive a custom gamma chart with the exact levels your ozone generator will create with your oxygen regulator.

This upgrade assumes you are purchasing a new O3Elite or O3Arc Ozone Generator and an oxygen tank regulator at the same time. The regulator comes with a one year warranty. Simply select your regulator above.

What you receive

  • Chosen regulator
  • Custom gamma chart with serial numbers of ozone generator and regulator

Who might want this upgrade?

If you are using ozone equipment for practically all forms of ozone, you won't need it. If you are a practitioner performing IV ozone treatments, you are the one who may want to consider this option. Our O3Elite and O3Arc ozone generators are calibrated to the same gamma chart using a high quality regulator. This upgrade means we will use the actual regulator you are purchasing during the calibration process, thus avoiding any slight variations between regulators. This will ensure the gamma flow you want is exactly what you get with your particular equipment combination.

Ideal for ensuring your regulator and ozone generator are perfectly aligned.
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