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Promolife - Ozone Therapy and Natural Health

The easy way to make Hydrogen-rich water

The Promolife Hydrogen Water Generator allows you to enjoy hydrogen-rich water from a convenient, portable device. Now's the perfect time to add the benefits of antioxidant-rich water to your daily health regimen.

Analog Ozone Generators

Digital Ozone Generators


My wife loves this item. It saves on resources and is easy and convent to use.


Just started using ozone eyedrops for my dry eyes several times a day.. Only two days now, but the drops are very soothing. I’m hoping for a little vision improvement as I continue the use.

Saline eye drop system

Good, simple to use. Refreshing to eyes!


What you need to know about fluoride

The United States is one of the only developed countries in the world that actively fluoridates the water supply. In Western Europe, 97% of the water supply does not contain fluoride. READ MORE

What is Brown's Gas? How does it compare to hydrogen?

As the inhalation of molecular hydrogen gains popularity for its purported benefits, many are researching this emerging application of hydrogen gas. READ MORE

Ultimate guide to replacing tubing on ozone bubblers

Have you noticed your silicone ozone tubing is starting to change color and texture? This is normal, even with a silicone hose that is A-rated for ozone compatibility. READ MORE


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