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The Ozone Smart Laundry System is better for the environment, better for your wallet, and better for your clothes.

The O3Waterworks Smart Laundry System uses ozone to clean and sanitize your clothes and bedding. It doesn't require hot water, saving you money on energy, and can eliminate the need for expensive detergents, helping your wallet and the environment.

Setup takes about 20 minutes with no need for a plumber or electrician.

Laundry Ozone

How does Smart Tech work?

Smart Tech

What is ozone?

Ozone, otherwise known as Activated Oxygen, is created when an extra O is bonded to the Oxygen (O2) we breathe.

Ozone is one of the strongest oxidizers currently known. Oxidants change organic materials into pieces of their base compounds.

Ozone is highly effective as a disinfecting agent that kills yeasts, molds and bacteria. Bacteria is unable to develop any resistance to ozone.

Ozones creation cycle is just like nature's water cycle. It occurs naturally in the upper atmosphere, where it is produced by ultraviolet rays. It is also made by ocean surf, waterfalls and lightning.

Once the cycle completes, ozone reverts back to oxygen. During that phase, the third oxygen molecule needs to attach to something else, and finds bacteria and other contaminates, inactivating them through oxidation.

Why use ozone for laundry?

Using ozone allows you to stop using expensive and environmentally unfriendly detergents. It's a cleaner and healthier choice, leaving no cleanser bottles or laundry pods for kids to get into.

Chemicals from the cleaning process with ozone aren't left on your clothes, so nothing gets absorbed through the skin. Here are some of the chemicals you'll get to avoid: Sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, phosphates, 1,4 dioxane, and NPE nonylphenol exthoxylate (banned in Europe and Canada).

You also won't need to use hot water. By using only cold water, you'll save on energy costs.

A Department of Energy study shows the average four-person family could save over $650/year by avoiding hot water, bleach, detergent and fabric softeners. Clothes last longer, saving you even more, and end up softer without chemical softeners.

Ozone will also clean your washing machine, getting rid of the contaminates that cause front loaders to smell. The waste water has far less microfiber pollution and no chemical pollution. Reducing microfibers, plastic from detergent bottles, and chemicals helps the planet, keeping these pollutants out of our oceans, rivers and lakes.


There are currently around 2 trillion bits of plastic in our waters and aquatic wildlife. Using an ozone laundry system can greatly reduce your household contributions.

Why the O3Waterworks system?

O3Waterworks has created the first high grade residential laundry system that can sense the environmental conditions of your house and regulate the concentration of ozone. It doesn't matter if you have high or low water pressure, if the water is colder or warmer, or if the air is humid or dry - the system will regulate for the best ozone output.

The Smart Laundry System can set the concentration of ozone for everyday laundry loads. There is an added Boost Mode to create higher ozone outputs for whites. You may never need to use bleach again.

You can still use spot stain treatments with ozone. Ozone will destroy yeasts, molds and bacteria more effectively than bleach and hot water. There's no need for air dryer packs or other disposable chemical products.

Most modern washing machines reach a high temperature of 130° F. Temperatures need to be at least 160° F to kill bacteria and viruses. But with aqueous ozone, you can kill contaminates like this without needing high temperatures at all.

The O3Waterworks Laundry System costs the same or less than competing models and uses stainless steel hoses, fittings and case material instead of the plastic used by other systems. It also includes a remote control for ease of use, metal wall anchors instead of plastic, has variable ozone concentration options others don't, includes an ozone bypass feature, and more. It's simply a better machine.

  • Three ambient sensors gather information to regulate the output of the ozonator.
  • Features a self-regenerating desiccant dryer pack that never needs to be replaced.
  • Choose between modes: .5ppm Normal/Colors or 1ppm Boost Mode/Whites.
  • Remote control can operate the machine even if it is installed behind the washing machine and out of sight.
  • Audio feedback of features.
  • Easy to customize the default settings.
  • Detects whether you have a front loader or top load machine automatically with no selection needed.
  • Ability to turn off ozone with one touch.
  • 304 stainless steel case, plumbing fittings, and hose.
  • LED multi-color display (touch screen)
  • Back-lit ozone mixer window sight.
  • No styrofoam or plastics in packaging.
  • No need to buy cartridges or filters.
  • Includes an all steel hardware wall mount kit, mounting template, 4' stainless steel hose, 6' power cord.
  • Compatible with steam dryers.
  • One year warranty

The history of ozone

Since the late 1800s, ozon has been used by commercial businesses to control odors. In 1906 it was used for the first time to clean a municipal water system. By the 1940s it was being used in the pool at the US Naval Academy, and in 1976 it was approved for antimicrobial use by the EPA.

It is now used by industries across the world, including zoos, wastewater plants, food manufacturing, water parks, and water bottling, among others. For over two decades, ozone has been used in hotels and hospitals. Numerous spas and pools made in the last ten years use ozone for better disinfection of the water. There are more than 4000 potential uses.

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