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The first step in any ozone therapy journey is finding the right ozone generator, oxygen source, and accessories. Our ozone packages make it easy to pinpoint what you need, and come with free setup support and guidance.

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Extremely helpful

I received these items within a few days after placing my order. [He] was professional and extremely helpful. I had several questions regarding their ozone products and happy to say all were answered to my satisfaction. I would recommend PromoLife to anyone interested in quality ozone products at very competitive prices.

Great kit

Great kit and it's of high quality materials. It works really well and I'm happy I decided to purchase this product.

Bubbler/humidifier combo

I really like this combo because I can ozonate water for drinking or humidifying the water for rectal insufflations. Also, with the 1000ml flask I can ozonate over 32ozs. of water. Excellent purchase!


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