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Clean Air

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Few things can impact your health like dirty indoor air.

Air PurifiersThe average person can spend up to 90% of their time inside between home and work.  Children, the elderly and people with illnesses - the ones who need clean air even more - are often stuck inside longer.  Due to our time indoors, lack of air circulation and a variety of other factors, indoor air can sometimes be worse than what's outside.  That's why a good air purifier is so important.

You know you need an air purifier if you get congested at home, there are strange smells, you feel better outside, the air in your house is stale, you've just brought in new furniture, there is a lack of air movement, obvious excessive humidity or you see mold and mildew.  Below you can see air purifiers that will remove a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, pollutants, molds and more. 

Types of Air Purifiers

is considered one of the best air purification methods available.  It was created to clear radioactive dust from labs during World War II.  They can trap up to 99.99% of the particles in the air that passes through the filter.  This will take care of almost everything but gases, smoke and viruses, which is why many HEPA-based manufacturers combine HEPA with other technologies to clean even more out of the air.  Many medical doctors highly recommend HEPA air purifiers.

Ozone air purifiers are highly effective at getting rid of odors, microbes, gases, molds and a host of other contaminates.  It leaves the home feeling and smelling refreshed.  You can choose units that are suited for every day home use or units designed for combating severe problems in homes or commercial spaces.

Air sterilizers can incorporate heat or ultraviolet light to purify air.  Units like the AirFree pull in room air across a ceramic core, burning up and eliminating 99.99% of bacteria, spores, viruses, fungus, mold and more.  Ultraviolet units like the NQ Clarifier use UV-C, which penetrates the walls of viruses and bacteria and destroys them.  It is widely used in hospitals, homes and commercial buildings.

Photo-catalytic purifiers like Pionair use ultraviolet light as well, but it works faster because titanium dioxide is also used to oxidize surrounding water molecules in the air.  It's more effective than chlorine and much safer.  Another advantage is that there are no filters to change.

Personal air ionizers ionize the air immediately surrounding someone, so they are not meant to clean entire rooms.  They are prized by frequent fliers, travelers and people who go to crowded places and want to breathe better air.

For a more in depth air purifier comparison information, click here.  Otherwise you can see the types of air purifiers we carry below.

Ozone Air Purifiers
Ozone Air Purifiers
Air Sterilizers
Air Sterilizers
Pionair Air Purifiers
Pionair Air Purifiers
Personal Air Ionizers
Personal Air Ionizers