Vielight X-Plus Photobiomodulation Device - 810 and 633nm

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The Vielight X-Plus enables efficient delivery of photobiomodulation (PBM) to many areas of the body not covered by other options.

The Vielight X-Plus is made to be versatile, with a powerful 810nm module (NIR LED) on a stainless steel band. This makes it easy to provide near infrared light to a variety of areas of the brain as well as other parts of the body. It also comes with a 633nm intranasal applicator for use systemically. The 633nm wavelength is an ideal compliment to 810nm.

Reach and versatility

This unit is rechargeable and versatile. The adaptable LED diode can direct NIR (near infrared) to nearly any place on your head or body, and it emits NIR continuously at the 810nm wavelength. Photobiomodulation of the thymus gland, gut and brain are just some of your options with this device. The flexible and strong stainless steel band can be elongated or shortened for use on almost any part of the body. Two straps are included to hold it securely in place if necessary.

The 633nm intranasal applicator is a red light LED meant to stimulate your circulatory system via the capillaries inside the nose.

The X-Plus can be used by itself or can combine with Vielight Neuro and Gamma headsets to increase the effectiveness and reach of both units. With this combination, while the Neuro or Gamma does its work, the X-Plus can target other areas of the head only it can reach.


  • Preset sessions that last around 20 minutes, after which the unit shuts off automatically.
  • Rechargeable - a fully charged unit can be used for around 20 applications before charging again.
  • Dual voltage: Can be used on 110 or 220V systems (North American 110 plug included; for international use, you will want to find a travel plug adapter).
  • A cooling micro-fan is part of the LED module and makes sure a comfortable temperature is maintained. The fan will have a slight whirring sound. This is normal.
  • Comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty.

Returns: 6 months with 20% restock fee less shipping costs.

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