Vielight Neuro Alpha

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The Vielight Neuro Alpha is designed for comprehensive photobiomodulation of the brain.

The Vielight Neuro Alpha is a transcranial-intranasal NIR (near infrared) headset, a complete upgrade from the original Neuro. It includes updated microchip LED boosting technology and improved transcranial clusters, providing three times the power density over older versions with a refined form to fit a larger variety of head sizes and shapes.

The Vielight engineering team uses microchip technology in the intranasal diode to provide one of the largest amounts of power from a near infrared pulsed LED source.

The pulse rate of 10 Hz is consistent with the rate of the old Vielight Neuro or the Vielight 810 and uses cellular light absorption and EEG alpha brain entrainment.

Comes with an intranasal applicator and a one year manufacturer's warranty.

Returns:  6 months with 20% restock fee less shipping costs.

Comes with one year manufacturer warranty.
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