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The Vielight Neuro Gamma is designed for easy use of brain photobiomodulation using a combination of transcranial and intranasal near infrared.

The Gamma is a total upgrade of the original Vielight Neuro. Updated microchip LED bosst technology and improved transcranial clusters offer three times the power density of the previous model with a refined form that can fit more head sizes and shapes. The Gamma is designed to pull higher amounts of power from the pulsed LED near infrared source.

How is the Gamma different from the Alpha?

The Gamma's 40 Hz pulse rate corresponds with EEG gamma brain wave entrainment, providing stronger effects on cognition and memory enhancement. The Vielight Alpha has a 10 Hz pulse rate designed to create an overall effect on neuronal health. Both are pioneering units in brain photobiomodulation, which is the use of low level photonic energy to help stimulate neurons' mitochondrial function. The objective is improved cognition and mental acuity without side effects.

40 Hz of near infrared light is pulsed to hubs of the DMN (Default Mode Network) of your brain using LEDs with embedded microchip technology.Theoretically, the near infrared energy should reach targeted locations along their line of site. Depth depends on the individual.

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Features & Specifications

  • Warranty: One-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Pulse rate : 40Hz
  • Comes with one intranasal applicator
  • Purpose : Specifically memory function
  • Stimulation : Intranasal | Transcranial
  • Wavelength : 810 nm
  • Duration : 20 minutes (auto-timed)
  • Power source : Rechargeable via power socket
  • User guide: Click here

Returns: 6 months with 20% restock fee less shipping costs.

Vielight Gamma: 40 Hz | Vielight Alpha: 10 Hz
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