Three Stage Under Counter Water Filter

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Triple stage water purifiers help you enjoy cleaner, fresher water.

You can always have sparkling clean water at your fingertips. Promolife water purifiers provide your family with fresh, clean, pure drinking water. You save money over buying bulky, dirty water bottles. Ever wonder what happens when the water delivery service delivers your water and the driver's dirty, sweaty hand grabs the bottle on the neck? GERMS. With a closed system water purifier there is no contamination and you will receive some of the cleanest purified water available. - KDF Information
GAC Contaminate Reduction List (pdf)

Included filters:

  • 1 micron sediment filter
  • KDF/GAC filter
  • 10 micron carbon block filter


  • Removes over 99% of 1 Micron Particles
  • Removes over 99% of Chlorine @ 1.0 GPM
  • Effectively removes contaminants, chemicals, organic residues, odors and tastes
  • Does not remove fluoride
  • Easy Cartridge replacement
  • Fits any faucet
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • 15,000 gallon capacity - approx. 1 year
  • Long Reach Stainless Steel High Lead Free Quality Spout
  • Easy To Install
  • All come with 1 micron sediment filter, KDF/GAC, and 10 micron Carbon Block

These systems will reduce or remove a number of contaminates from your drinking water.
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