Push/Pull Non-Standard Adapter for Older Ozone Systems

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This adapter is ideal for use with older and/or non-standardized ozone systems, to connect newer ozone accessories.

These adapters allow you to connect your tubing to Luer equipment without having to alter your existing configuration. Simply plug in the corresponding push/pull style connector into place. The female Luer can then be used to connect any standard male Luer lock connection (insufflation bag, earscope, syringe, etc).

Note: Push/pull style connectors are not compatible with Luer lock style connectors unless you use an adapter like this. The barbed end of a Luer lock can be forced into place in female push/pull connectors, but this will eventually cause the push/pull to crack as a result of stress and ozone exposure. Our adapter solves this problem.

Push/pull connector is made from HDPE (high density polyethylene)

Luer lock connectors are made from PVDF

Note: Hose clamps not included.

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