Ozone Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo

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Get two important ozone glassware items in one piece of glassware.

This special water bubbler and humidifier combo allows you to switch between humidifying ozone and ozonating water using the 3-way switch on the ozone destruct.  The ground joint bottle has an air intake and exit. Choose between a 500 ml with stand or a 1000 ml, which does not need or come with a stand.  The destruct keeps excess ozone from entering the room and setup is easy with Luer lock connections.

In order to humidify ozone properly, you must run the ozone for several minutes to fully saturate the water.  This is why an ozone destruct like the one included here is so important.  You can freely run the ozone without it entering the room. When you're done humidifying water you are left with ozonated water to drink if you'd like. 

Check out our video:  Does humidification affect ozone strength?

Setup Guides

500ml Water Bubbler/Humidifier 
1000ml Water Bubbler/Humidifier 


  • 500ml or 1000ml glass bottle
  • 500 ml comes with the pictured stand. The 1000 ml does not need one.
  • Luer lock connectors
  • 3/16" x 5/16" tubing
  • Ozone resistant materials
  • Silicone tubing
  • Silicone connectors
  • Glass diffuser
  • Manganese dioxide ozone destruct material

Return information: 5% restock fee if glassware is unused and in sellable condition in original sealed packaging.

If you plan on ozonating water for drinking or sanitizing fruits and vegetables and you want to humidify ozone for insufflations, this combination is exactly what you need. With the destruct you'll be able to allow your water to fully saturate before use, no matter the application. The combination is less than purchasing a humidifier and water bubbler separately.
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  • Quite useful

    Posted by Linda on Aug 17th 2015

    The products work well. The ear scope is a little uncomfortable for my ears and I have to hold the ear pieces apart to relieve the pressure a little. The only other problem I had is with the borosilicate bottle of the water bubbler/ humidifier, which got a small chip in the rim. I was very careful and gentle when handling it, especially during removal and replacement of the fragile glass parts that fit inside, so I don't know how it chipped. The chip does not affect the function though.The water bubbler/humidifier package is quite useful.

  • Extremely helpful

    Posted by Dwight on Aug 17th 2015

    I receive these items within a few days after placing my order with Whit. He was professional and extremely helpful. I had several questions regarding their ozone products and happy to say all were answered to my satisfaction. I would recommend PromoLife to anyone interested in quality ozone products at very competitive prices.