EREADA Far Infrared Amethyst Mat Pro Purple with PEMF 73x29

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$1,139.00 - $1,199.00

Ereada far infrared purple amethyst mats contain up to 50% more crystals than other pads for a premium far infrared experience.

The Ereada Purple Pro measures 73" x 29" and contains 17 high quality layers. in a mat that is built to last. Ereada mats that sure 20 years old are still in full working order, so you can feel secure with your choice.

These heat mats combine deep penetrating far infrared heat with photon and magnetic functions. They contain 10% more amethyst than brown mats and up to 50% more than similar pads from other companies. It's the perfect combination of deep heat, static magnets, air ions, hot stone negative ions, photon red lights, and pulsed magnetism (PEMF). The primary layer is thick amethyst that releases negative ions and far infrared rays. The Pro has over 27 pounds of untreated, natural purple amethyst. It is the best selling model and provides a soothing, whole body experience. It is perfectly suited for sleep or fits on a standard massage table.

Choose between seven levels of heat intensity from 86 to 158 degrees F (30-70 C). The overheat-proof, ventilated controller works with the most precise, highest quality bi-metal heat sensors in the mat and lets you set heat level, time, air ions, photos and magnetic pulsation. The mat's far infrared and mid infrared rays are emitted with 93% efficiency in the 4-16 micron range, the most beneficial and absorbable range. These rays are geometrically structured and refracted by the amethyst layer in order to penetrate 6-10 inches into the body. This mat also contains 16 red light LEDs for 660nm phototherapy that is known for helping improve the look of your skin.

Your Ereada Far Infrared Mat will help you achieve an environment free of stress so you can feel energized and renewed. It's an ideal option for relaxation, beauty, and pursuing a healthier lifestyle. If you desire a nurturing space and want to enhance the energy and power within your mind and body to improve your happiness and comfort, this pad is for you. It is an excellent compliment to reiki, yoga and massage, helping to balance energy flow.

Purple mats contain 300 gauss magnets with an up to 400 gauss pulsing magnetic field function (PEMF). These are more powerful than other PEMF mats.

Ereada and Promolife are also known for top-grade customer service, so you know you'll be supported.

Safe and Durable

Ereada mats are made with industrial grade materials for durability, including the low EMF, reliable Titanium multiple wire heating system with Teflon and double silicon insulation. Two types of EMF elimination systems make it easy to trust this mat. These mats are so durable they can be used professionally.

Only natural, non-irradiated, unpainted, untreated gemstones are used. They are double tested and certified by the CHA Gem Laboratory and the Korean Gemological Institute.

A waterproof protective cover is included free.

These mats are made in certified facilities (certified TUV, ISO, GMP, KDFA and CE), and have been certified and tested in Japan, Korea, EECm Australia, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico, and other countries. They are FDA registered for following medical device quality standards, though they are not marketed as medical devices.

Multiple Layers

  1. High quality microfiber suede - elegant, soft and durable.
  2. Mesh fabric that shows amethyst infused throughout the mat's heating area.
  3. Grade A+ natural Korean and Brazilian tumbled amethyst crystals.
  4. Red light photon LEDs - 660 nm wavelength that supplements the far infrared rays.
  5. Cotton fabric - provides thermal insulation.
  6. EMF grounding wires - EMF is absorbed and transferred to the ground pin of the wall socket instead of into you.
  7. Static magnets - 300 gauss intensity.
  8. Embedded copper coils - Generates PEMF pulsed magnetic fields between 100-400 gauss with low frequencies 8-60 times per second.
  9. Charcoal fabric layer - emits negative ions and far infrared, breaks down smells, and reduces EMF further.
  10. Yellow Mud Clay Fabric - More negative ions and far infrared.
  11. Anion non-woven fabric - Releases negative ions.
  12. Electromagnetic Interceptor - more EMF shielding.
  13. EMF-shielded Teflon and double silicon Titanium heating elements.
  14. Thermostat sensors
  15. Bi-metal switches - provide protection from over heating with auto shut off.
  16. 0.2 mm non-woven fabric - heat wire protection.
  17. Non-woven high compressed fabric - heat insulation.

Not made in China

Ereada mats are made in Korea, where this kind of technology was invented. They are not made in China like some of the knockoffs on the market. The goal was the highest quality mat with the best parts.


  • Mat Surface: Purple Eco-leather, crystals are fixed by special mesh fabric
  • Weight: (mat only without controller): 36 lb (16 kg)
  • Amethyst Crystal Weight: 27 lb (12 kg)
  • Amethyst Crystal size: 3-10 mm, tumbled shape
  • Amethyst Color: Natural Violet Clear (no paints added)
  • Amethyst Origin: Korea, Brazil, Grade A+
  • Amethyst Refractive Index: 1.544-1.553
  • Temperature Range (7 levels): 86 ~ 158°F (30 ~ 70°C)
  • Mat total area size: 73 x 29 inches (186 x 72 cm)
  • Heating area: 62 x 26 inches (156 x 65 cm)
  • Heating Power Consumption: 240 Watts
  • Rated Voltage: AC 110v / 60hz, 200V available
  • Permanent Magnets quantity: 12 pieces in the lower part
  • Permanent Magnetic field intensity: 300 gauss
  • VLF PEMF (Rapid Very Low-Frequency Pulsation Magnetic) Intensity: 100-400 gauss
  • VLF PEMF Power Consumption max: 20mA / 20W
  • VLF PEMF Modules: 3 pieces in the upper part
  • Magnetic pulsation frequency: 8-60 per second (8 frequencies + random mode)
  • Red Bio Photon modules: 16 LEDs
  • Red Color wavelength: 660 nm
  • Luminous Intensity per LED: 1200 mcd
  • Controller: Ventilated controller with timer, VLF PEMF, Photon, Air Ion and AUTO EMI function
  • Made by the registered facility of: Hyundai Co, Korea
  • Set includes: The Mat, controller, carry and storage bag, waterproof protector cover pad with 3-D air mesh, and user guide
  • Warranty: One year warranty


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