3.375 X 6.0 Ozone Plate FM

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Keep your Jenesco Ozone Generator in top form with replacement plates.

Our Ozone plates are made of ceramic and stainless steel. They need to be cleaned every 4-6 weeks of continuous use and replaced every year or two. Keeping an extra set of plates on hand simplifies this process.

Can be used in these machines:

  • PT109A (uses 2, order 1 set)
  • PT101-2K (uses 2, order 1 set)
  • FM-1 (uses 2, order one set)
  • FM-2 (uses 2, order one set)
  • DH7000 (uses 2, order one set)
  • PRO-4 (uses 2, order one set)
  • PRO-8 (uses 8, order four sets)

Return policy:  Non-returnable item.

Easy to use. For Jenesco ozone generators only.
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