Understanding Tubing and Connectors

Understanding Ozone Tubing and Connectors

Having a lot of options makes it easier to do all the things you want to do with ozone, but sometimes the numbers can be confusing. Here we're going to show you ozone tubing, adapters and connectors and what they do, so you know what you need for almost any application.

Glossary of Parts

Ozone Check Valve

The Check Valve is one of the most important accessories we carry, and is sent free with our O3Elite or O3Arc Ozone Generators. This helps keep liquid from backflowing into your ozone generator. Simply place it between the generator and your bubbler or humidifier, with the darker half pointed away from the generator. A check valve should always be used when liquids are involved.

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Check Valve Diagram

Silicone Tubing

Silicone Hose is used to connect your ozone generator to various accessories, or to connect one accessory to another. We send out tubing with our ozone generators but if you need more, you can get exactly the amount you need. Silicone Hose is strictly to transport ozone gas. It is not for your oxygen feed.

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Oxygen Tubing

Oxygen Tubing is used to connect your oxygen source to your ozone generator and that’s it. It’s not intended to transport ozone gas.

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Silicone Hose Connectors

If you need to connect one bare piece of silicone tubing to another, you can use Silicone Hose Connectors. These slip into tubing that does not have a Luer lock attached.

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Silicone Hose Connectors

Luer Lock Fittings

Luer Lock Fittings have two parts: a male and a female. To attach them, you just twist them together. You can get these as a set or as individual pieces. We also carry a female to female Luer adapter that can be used to connect two male Luer locks when a female fitting is not available.

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Luer Connections

Y Connector

If you want to send ozone to two places at once, you can use a Y adapter. The ozone will enter through the bottom and exit in both directions.

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Y Connector Digram

3-Way Stopcock

If you want to control the flow by sending ozone from one place to another, the 3-way stopcock is ideal. With this piece you will connect your ozone tubing to this arm, then attach an accessory to the horizontal and vertical arms. The Off dial points in the direction you don’t want ozone to go. For example, if you have a water bubbler connected to the horizontal port and a dental handpiece to the vertical, you can turn the dial up like this to send ozone into the bubbler, or horizontally like this to send ozone to the handpiece. This is great if you don’t want to turn your ozone generator off between uses.

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Stopcock Diagram

Oxygen or Ozone Line Filters

Oxygen or Ozone Line Filters are .2 micron Teflon filters that go between your oxygen source and your ozone generator. This helps ensure purity of the oxygen feed. These can also be attached between the generator and a syringe for a similar purpose.

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