Relax Infrared Ozone Sauna

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The Relax Infrared Sauna is the best choice for infrared and ozone therapy in a portable setup.

If you’re looking for a personal, portable infrared sauna with high quality, the Relax Infrared Sauna is ideal. Whether you’re interested in sauna therapy by itself or infrared combined with ozone, the Relax Sauna is all you need in a compact package, at a lower cost than some other options.  

The workhorse of this sauna are the far infrared emitters. With semiconductor chips that filter out any non-resonating infrared frequencies, you can be certain that you are receiving the purest form of far infrared (4-14 microns). Why far infrared? We’ll go over that and ozone in a minute. First, let’s take a look at the infrared heaters.

Each heater provides uninterrupted emissions of far infrared, using 20 ceramic semiconductors in each 700w heater. The PTC resistors allow continuous electrical flow while the inside temperature stays between 140° and 170° F. Fans on each radiator cool the assemblies while distributing heat through the sauna quickly. The heaters heat up the sauna in as little as thirty seconds, far faster than many other units. The sauna’s silver-embedded nylon acts like a mirror for infrared, reflecting it throughout the interior while preventing loss of heat.

What is far infrared?

Far infrared is one part of the invisible light spectrum. We feel it as heat. Clinical studies show the energy of these infrared rays can be greatly therapeutic. It resonates with structures inside the body, helps the body release toxins, improves cell activity, and supports good health.

The movement of water in the body is key to ensuring the steady flow of nutrients. No amount of supplements matter if they don’t make it through the system successfully. The Relax Infrared Sauna produces more focused energy than other saunas at a higher wattage. This gives you much more movement of water molecules in the body, for better microcirculation, improved detox, and an overall greater health impact.

There have been studies of how far infrared impacts hypertension and obesity that appear to show reductions in systolic blood pressure and improved weight loss. It is also believed to be seven times better at sweating out environmental toxins than steam or other dry heat saunas. The Relax Sauna will make you sweat productively, heating you from the inside out. Some people who do not sweat normally have gradually improved this ability after using the sauna repeatedly over time.

What is ozone and how does it work with far infrared?

Ozone is activated oxygen (O3), which is made of three oxygen molecules instead of two. Because this can’t be sustained, the third molecule soon breaks off and starts working on its own, inactivating viruses, bacteria, and more.It has been used medically since the 1900s in numerous countries. It has been shown to be very safe, with a side effect rate of only 0.000007%.

Far infrared helps your body absorb ozone quickly. Sweat opens your pores, allowing ozone greater access to enter your body and do its work. You can find out more about this in our video.

We include a special ozone connection kit you won’t find with other saunas or from other sellers. This allows you to easily hook up any ozone generator and hold the tubing in place so it doesn’t slide out or around the sauna.

If you want to use ozone and don’t have a system, check out our Relax Infrared and Ozone Package.

Should I add the Sauna Connection Kit?

If you want to easily hook up an ozone generator to the sauna, we highly recommend the Sauna Connection Kit. It costs you nothing when you add it on to the sauna and keeps ozone tubing securely in place. It will ship separately from the sauna. To get one, simply choose to add it under Product Options above. You don't need it if you never plan to use ozone in your sauna.

What's Included

  • Sauna tent (collapsible for storage)
  • Folding nylon chair (manufacturer’s weight limit 220 pounds; it has been used with many up to 350 pounds without issue)
  • Two far infrared heater/radiators
  • Timer switch
  • Two support poles
  • Carrying bag
  • One year warranty


  • Width: 2.6 ft
  • Length: 2.6 ft
  • Height: 3.8 ft
  • Weight: 33 pounds

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