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Pulsed magnetic field generators are a growing class of devices that show promise in multiple areas.

Users testify to the potential effects of pulsed magnetic fields when used on the body and for targets like the organs, lymph system, teeth and more. Studies have shown PEMF to be effective in improving circulation, speeding up tissue regeneration, regulating the nervous system and reducing inflammation and pain. Other studies show they might help speed healing of fractures.

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The Almag-01 does not require grounding, allowing you to perform procedures anywhere. Procedures can be performed through clothes and gauze. The device is easy to use, making it possible to continue rehabilitation at home. It was designed to facilitate regeneration of tissues damaged by inflammatory conditions. Exposure to reflex zones results in stable hypertensive and sedative effects, improving cerebral circulation and increasing hypoxia cerebral stability. It does not cause adaptation, so organisms don't get used to the treatment, making it ideal for treatment of chronic conditions.

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The Almag-02 is a professional level, non-portable device with a larger main attachment and more features. It has 79 unique, clinically-proven therapeutic treatment programs, each developed for specific conditions and available at the touch of a button. It was designed by physicians and scientists as an effective intensive option for complex disorders. It includes three types of emitters to treat multiple areas simultaneously. It is used at any disease stage and can also be used when other options have failed. It can be used in home or clinics, and has preprogrammed exposure parameters, local and zonal exposure options, and deep magnetic field penetration, allowing it to reach inner organs.

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The Almag 03 Diamag uses magnetic fields in a noninvasive way to help stimulate the brain's nerve cells. This is called TMS, or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. The device is placed around the head. It is commonly used for stabilizing vision for those with chronic iridocyclitis, treatments after the subacute and acute periods of strokes, promoting life quality for those with Parkinson's, symptoms of cephalgia and cranialgia and osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, sleep disturbances, cerebrovascular accidents, transient ischemic attack, chronic cerebral ischemia, migraine neuralgia, and migraines. It is easy enough to use at home.

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An advanced version of the Almag-01, with low-frequency magnetic stimulation designed to provide pronounced physiotherapeutic effects due to the combination of traveling and stationary charges. It was made to help a range of musculoskeletal disorders and cardiovascular diseases in patients of all ages. It can help babies from one month of age with musculoskeletal disorders. When combined with various physiotherapeutic and medicinal products, it works to enhance joint action. It gives a chance at prolonged remission, speed up recovery, and provide lasting effects. This is a universal option ideal for home use.

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The MAGOFON is easy to use and does not require special training. You can use it at home. It is listed with the FDA as a 510(K) for therapeutic massage. It is considered effective and safe for muscle relaxation, promoting local circulation and pain relief. Patients have used the device for musculoskeletal diseases, arthritis, osteochondrosis, gout, myositis, fractures, injuries, bursitis, epicondylitis, hematoma, post-traumatic edema, varicose veins, post operative wounds, chronic venous insufficiencies, joints, neurological diseases, vegetative-vascular dystonia, trigeminal neuralgia, chronic otitis, ENT disease, sinusitis, organ disease, iridocyclitis, bronchitis, tracheitis, gingivitis, periodontitis, and more.

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Other Products with PEMF

The following products include PEMF as an added feature but are not primarily PEMF devices.

Ereada Far Infrared Mat with PEMF

These heat mats combine deep penetrating far infrared heat with photon and magnetic functions. They contain 10% more amethyst than brown mats and up to 50% more than similar pads from other companies. It's the perfect combination of deep heat, static magnets, air ions, hot stone negative ions, photon red lights, and pulsed magnetism (PEMF). The primary layer is thick amethyst that releases negative ions and far infrared rays. The Pro has over 27 pounds of untreated, natural purple amethyst. It is the best selling model and provides a soothing, whole body experience.

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Revive Cleanse Ultimate with Rife and PEMF

The Revive Cleanse Ultimate ionic foot bath combines a pro foot bath, harmonic frequency massage using Rife and pulsed electro magnetic field therapy. This really is the ultimate ionic foot bath. With the Ultimate you get the same technology found in the Revive Cleanse Pro with more power, harmonic frequency massage and PEMF, or pulsed electro magnetic field therapy. All of this in one easy to use unit.

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