Ozone Steam Sauna by Promolife

Ozone Steam Cabinet

The Ozone Steam Cabinet by Promolife is a spa-grade steam cabinet that is intended to be used with medical grade ozone for the purpose of transdermal ozone therapy.


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For Businesses

If you are a business looking at incorporating ozone steam saunas, this unit is a great option. The ease of use and the quick heat-up time allows the spa owner to efficiently book times and stay on schedule while expanding their service offerings.

For Individuals

If you are an individual who wants to incorporate ozone saunas into your health regime, this is an easy option that allows you to use steam with or without ozone. Use it by yourself or share it with your family and friends.

For Ozone

Ozone Therapy

Adding ozone to your sauna creates a luxurious clean sensation while enjoying ozone therapy. Promolife ozone generators add the optimal amount of ozone needed to make this work properly. The sauna comes with a built in ozone port and since it’s manufactured out of fiberglass it is 100% ozone compatible. To fully trap the ozone in the sauna, simply wrap a towel around the neck of the user.

O3Arc Recommended

We recommend using either the O3Arc Standard or O3Arc Plus ozone generator. Both produce optimal ozone concentrations for saunas and include a digital shutoff timer. For a 30 minute ozone sauna we recommend starting the ozone as you enter the sauna and setting the timer to automatically shut off at minute 25. The majority of the ozone will dissipate during the last 5 minutes of the sauna, making for an easier exit.

Sauna Features

Sauna Controls

Simple and easy-to-use digital controls are built into the door. The door mount controls allow anyone to easily operate the sauna and the user can visually see the temperature and how much time is left for the sauna session. Just power on, add the time, set the temperature, and press start.

Add Water Externally

No plumbing is required for this steam sauna. All you do is fill up the included bottle and flip it into the water entry port in the back of the sauna. As the sauna is in use you can visually see how much water has been used and when to add more. After the sauna session, simply wipe up the leftover water from under the footrest.

Low Water Alarm

When the sauna is low on water the digital controls will indicate water is needed. The sauna will also stop the heating cycle until water is added. This protects the sauna heating system so the unit will continue to last for years to come.

Steam Distribution

Steam is distributed through the floorboards for even heat distribution. WIth the steam coming from the floor, the temperature stays constant throughout the sauna by eliminating cold spots or spots that become too hot. A comfortable steam sauna is a must when treating customers or using as an individual.

Heat Up Time

On average the sauna will reach the designated temperature in under 10 minutes. This is because only a small portion of water is heated at a time. This allows for steam to generate quickly, saving you precious warm up time while saving money on electricity.

Seat Adjustment

The sauna comes with 5 different seat adjustment levels and can fit anyone from 5 feet to 6 feet 2 inches tall. In addition, the seat provides the comfort needed for any sauna session length.

Stainless Steel Heating

Stainless steel heating systems are required for any sauna considered to be spa grade. Anything less is not recommended and will not hold up. If you are looking for a sauna where the heating system will hold up over time, choose the Ozone Steam Cabinet by Promolife.

Sturdy Construction

The Ozone Steam Cabinet is made using double layered fiberglass. This provides extra strength, better heat retention, and protection so it can withstand commercial use. Fiberglass is 10 times stronger than other plastics used in steam saunas and is the only one suitable for use with ozone.

Double Doors

Double door construction allows for a better seal that keeps the heat in and the cold out. In addition, the weight is evenly distributed so you will not put any undue pressure or stress on the steam cabinet body. The double door design creates a more visually pleasing appearance and makes it easier to get in and out of the sauna.


The ozone steam cabinet by Promolife includes two wheels in the back of the sauna which allow it to be easily moved from room to room. With no plumbing required, anyone can easily and quickly move the sauna.


Sauna Height = 45.5 inches tall
Sauna Width = 26 inches
Sauna Width w/ Doors open = 52 inches
Sauna Length = 47.5 inches
Sauna Weight = 154 lbs
Voltage = 120 volts
Wattage = 1500 watts

Max User Height = 6 feet 2 inches
Max User Weight = 250 lbs
Water Type: Distilled Water Only
Seat Adjustment = 5 levels
Warranty = 2 years
Made in South Africa

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