NebulO3 Ozonide Inhalation Device

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A new take on breathing ozonides is here.

The NebulO3 Ozonide Inhalation Device makes it easy to change ozone mixed through oils into an easy-to-breathe ozonide mist.

The NebulO3 allows you to direct low flows of ozone into a mix of eucalyptus and pine oils and eject the resulting mist through the exit for inhalation. Mixing ozone in the oils changes harsher ozone into easy-to-breathe ozonides. By using this method you can pull safe amounts into your sinuses.

The glass nebulizer sits in a secure stand and includes a special mixing area where the ozone is properly infused into the oil. All you have to do is hook up your ozone generator and oxygen source, turn them on to the recommended flow rates, fill the nebulizer with a mix of pine and eucalyptus oils, and inhale the mist.


How is this different from breathing ozone bubbled through olive oil?

Essential oils are much more reactive than standard plant oils and mix much more efficiently. This device is creating a vacuum that sucks up the essential oil vapors and then mixes them with ozone. The results are a mist that can be inhaled. By creating a more efficient mixing system it generates a larger amount of ozonides when compared to the traditional ozone oil bubbler.

Cleaning and Maintenance

If you feel your nebulizer needs to be cleaned, please contact us for instructions.

What's included?

  • NebulO3 Inhalation Nebulizer
  • NebulO3 Stand
  • One 1/2 Ounce Jar of Premixed Pine and Eucalyptus Oil
  • Instructions

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