Choosing Ozone Glassware

Choosing Ozone Glassware

There are numerous applications for ozone, and the options can be overwhelming. On this page we'll show you the types of ozone glassware available and how they can be used.

All of Promolife's Ozone Glassware is made in the USA with Class A Laboratory Grade Borosilicate Glass.

Ozonated Water

Ozonated water can be used for drinking, hand washing, as a fruit and vegetable wash, or for sanitizing surfaces. You can ozonate water by placing silicone tubing from your ozone generator into a glass, but for greater amounts of ozone, you'll want a water bubbler with an ozone destruct. You can easily add a destruct to either of these bubblers, and they can function as humidifiers as well. This keeps excess ozone from entering the room. Ozone gas can be harsh on the lungs, so containing it is ideal.

Ozone Insufflations

Ozone insufflations involve introducing ozone gas to the body through the rectum, vagina, ears or sinuses. You will need catheters, an insufflation kit, or an earscope depending on the type of insufflation, and you can find those here.

Ozone can be drying, so many users will humidify their ozone when practicing an insufflation. Ozone leaves the ozone generator, bubbles through water, and then travels into your insufflation accessory. If you use a standard humidifier, we recommend adding an ozone destruct system. A destruct keeps excess ozone from entering the room.

Other Useful Accessories:

Insufflation Bags
Insufflation Bag Kits
Ozone Syringes

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Breathing Ozone

Ozone itself can be harsh on the lungs, so if you plan to breathe it, you will need to bubble it through oil first. Ozone enters the oil, where the structure is changed to make it less harsh, and then continues to your nasal cannula (included with our oil bubblers).

An ozone trap is not required but is sometimes chosen by those who want to guarantee oil doesn't back up into the ozone generator.

Targeted Ozone

If you want to target ozone to a small area, ozone cups are an ideal method. Our cups include a built-in ozone destruct to keep excess ozone from entering the room.

Glass cups come in six sizes, from one to six inches. We also carry silicone ozone cups for those who don't want to use glass or are targeting a more curved area that needs a more flexible option.

Ozone Syringes

The Ozone Syringe Filling System is an easy way to fill multiple syringes without needing to turn off the ozone generator.

We carry a 60ml or 200ml syringe that is often used for insufflations, and short-term use plastic syringes.

IV Ozone

IV ozone is done in a clinical setting and involves bubbling ozone into saline and introducing it to the body through an IV.